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Dispelling the Myths

Dispell the Myth470There are some common misconceptions about hoodoo.  Some assume that it is all hexes and curses; that there is a ruthlessness to the magic.   It’s practitioners have long been misconstrued and branded it as unethical.  The truth is more complex and a lot less frightening than some think.  


Hoodoo is a strong and powerful magical system and let’s face it, it had to be.  Hoodoo traveled across the world on the backs of a people enslaved.  Fierceness and direct action are necessary when you are robbed of freedom and in constant peril.  Hoodoo does encourage ethical practices.  They consult with spirit guides, their ancestors, and do divinations to see what is the right course of action.  


Hoodoo came largely from the Congo regions of Africa, further south than the original home of voodoo.  Voodoo is a more ritualized, deity based religion while hoodoo is more fluid.  The two share some similarities but are not mirror images.  


Hoodoo has evolved over time to reflect the needs of its practitioners and adapt to their surroundings.  Cultural influence was easily exchanged with the native peoples as their shared practices were nature and spirit based.  Here is where we see the introduction of many new herbs to hoodoo as replacements for those that were left behind.  Following emancipation the practice moved northward and was later reinforced by the manufacturing push during World War II.  


Hoodoo is a very practical and root based magic that digs deep into your core. The results are fast, profound, and healing.  Conjure is folk magic for the folks; adaptable and wild.  Deeply empowered by the forces of nature and the support of ancestors, Hoodoo can be used to clear obstacles, and draw in wealth.  Candles, oils, herbs, stones, charms, and talismans play a large part and this month’s blogs will explore some of the options in this intuitive magical system.


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