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Conjuring with Candle Magic

Conjuring with Candles470Candle magic, known as setting lights in hoodoo, is one of the traditions that has been widely adopted by the larger magical community.  Rootworkers often have a special altar where they burn candles for petitioners.  As wild and adaptable as hoodoo magic is there are some consistencies among its practitioners.  


The importance of color in hoodoo candle magic cannot be stressed enough.  Change the color and you change the energy of the spell.  For instance, the color blue is associated with road opening, increased mental processes, and creativity.  Our Motor City Hoo Doo Helping Hand Candle reflects this in its bright blue color, oil blend, and spell work to assemble a call for assistance from beyond to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.  


Some colors seem quite obvious at first but quickly reveal their complexity.  Black can be used to clear or cause evil, provide protection, or offer increased occult powers depending on the oils, herbs, talismans and objects used in the root work.  Our Motor City Hoo Doo Black Cat Candle anointed with Motor City Hoo Doo Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and combined with items like an alligator head, cross, and snakeskin would make a powerful protection spell.  Substitute Motor City Hoo Doo Van Van Oil and add coins, dice, and Job’s Tears to get a little luck for the gambler.  One color, two very different uses.  


Rootworkers often read the flame’s unique language and look for signs of how their spell is working and how quickly results will come to pass.  Interpreting fire is complicated but our resident enchantress, Jacki Smith, has broken it in her book “Coventry Magic with Candles, Herbs and Oils”.


Coventry Creations has taken the guesswork out of selecting the right candle by putting together the perfect combination of oils and colors that are crafted with a purpose.  In our blogs this month we will be focusing on further exploring hoodoo practices including dressing and carving candles, making mojo bags, and the many uses of Motor City Hoo Doo Candles and Oils.


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Making Changes with May’s New Job Spell Box


Get the job you are dreaming of with May’s New Job Spell Box including the Motor City Hoo DooQuerent Caller and Money DrawCandles, Crown of Glory Oil, and a spell crafted by our in house enchantress, Jacki Smith. In today’s economy who doesn’t need a little extra magic when seeking new work?  These spell boxes are only available in May, order yours today, and clear your path to the perfect career.


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An Added Bonus: Spellcaster Club Cards

We are centered on right livelihood in May and there are times that needs a little push in the right direction.  Our limited edition Spellcaster Club Cards will help you solve some common issues and are included at no charge with your May order.  We are looking forward to sharing the magic with our Boss Fix and Golden Sales Spellcaster Club Cards.

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