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Jacki Smith this the founder, enchantress and visionary of Coventry Creations. She started Coventy in 1992 and with her sister and business partner, Patty Shaw, they have taken if from the kitchen stove to an international company. Author, teacher, presenter, radio host, reader and healer, Jacki has dedicated her entire life to the mission of normalizing the words “Witch” and “Magic.”

Spring Growth Spell

April2024 WitchesUnion

Springtime is a season of renewal and rebirth, a perfect time to infuse our lives with fresh energy and new beginnings. Whether you're looking to cultivate personal growth, embark on a new venture, or simply bring more balance and joy into your daily existence, a Spring Growth Spell can be a powerful tool.

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How Candle Rituals and Intentions Can Transform Your Life

April2024 Magic101 400px

In the realm of personal growth and spiritual practices, the use of candles paired with intentions stands out as a profoundly transformative ritual. This simple, yet powerful, tradition transcends cultures and ages, tapping into the elemental force of fire to symbolize illumination, warmth, and renewal.

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The No-Sweat Guide to Spiritual Spring Cleaning

March2024 Magic101 400px

Today, we're diving into the ancient art of spiritual cleansing, but don’t worry, there’s no heavy lifting required. This practice has been around since the Flintstones decided they needed a bit more zen in their lives, and it's all about kicking those bad vibes to the curb and rolling out the red carpet for the good stuff.

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Unveil the Magic: February's "All That Glitters Is Mine" Spell

Feb2024 WitchesUnion 400px

Embrace the Sparkle: February's "All That Glitters Is Mine" Spell from Coventry Creations

February, a month traditionally linked with love and renewal, presents an ideal time to channel energies toward magnetizing happiness, prosperity, and affection. This month, Coventry Creations' Spell Caster Club proudly reintroduces a spell embodying the essence of magnetism and manifestation: "All That Glitters is Mine.

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Unveiling Inner Happiness and Beauty

Feb2024 Magic101 400px

Discovering Your Inner Happiness and Beauty

Today, we invite you on a transformative journey, one that is deeply personal and incredibly powerful. This isn't just any journey—it's a transformative exploration into the realms of your own spirit, a quest to unearth the essence of joy and beauty that lies dormant within you.

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Illuminate Your 2024 with Affirmation Candles & Aunt Jacki's Hoodoo Magic

Jan2024 Feature 400px

Welcome to a Radiant New Year!

Take a bold step into the crisp and promising dawn of 2024 and make the perfect intention, embrace those positive energies, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. What better way to initiate a radiant year than by taking charge of your destiny with our magical candles? Make January the month to spotlight your dreams with Affirmation Candles and Aunt Jacki's Ultimate Hoodoo candles, oils, and sprays.

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Dreams Come True- Witches Unions December 2023

Dec2023 WitchesUnion 400sq

December 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

The New Year is quickly approaching, and what better time to focus on making dreams come true!? You need a vision, hard work, and of course a spell to manifest your dreams. We took care of the spell part, the rest is up to you! 

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Away With the Winter Blues!

Dec2023 Magic101 400px

December is here and we all know what that means… Cold weather, short days, gloomy skies, and the winter blues. Some of us are born loving the winter months, while others struggle to be cheery and bright. If you’re part of that latter group, give our Winter Blues Lifter spell a shot.

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Get Ready for The New Year!

Dec2023 Feature 400sq

Are you looking for something that can help you take on the New Year? Our Affirmations line has something for everyone. From Healing and Inner Beauty to Love and Success, and everything in between. Start the New Year off on the right foot!

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Witches Union Spell Card November 2023

Nov2023 WitchesUnion 400px

November 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

The Holiday season is upon us, and there is no better time to make sure our homes are ready for all of the festivities! This is the perfect spell to clear out the negative and chaotic energy and allow the positive and cheery energy in! 

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It’s the season of gratitude!

Nov2023 Magic101 400px

Spooky season has come and gone, and now it’s time for the season of giving! Whether you are giving thanks or giving back, we are constantly being reminded to be grateful and thankful. Did you know that there’s even a thing called gratitude magic? Well, if you didn’t, keep reading!

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Christmas is Here a Little Early!

Nov2023 FeatureRETAIL 400px

The countdown is on, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is underway! Our Limited Edition Krampus and Kringle candles are back, so make sure you stock up. Whether you want to bring in the cheer and celebrate the season’s greatest ambassador, Kringle, or counter the sickeningly saccharine air of the Holidays with Krampus, we’ve got you covered! 

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Witches Union Spell Card October 2023

Oct2023 WitchesUnion 400px

October 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

It’s finally the best time of the year, all things spooky, all the time! Although we love dark and scary things this time of year, some things are unwanted. If you are feeling like you need a little extra protection, this Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell might be for you!

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5 Things Aunt Jacki Will Never Do After Being a Witch for 35 Years

Oct2023 Magic101 400px

For the past 36 years, Jacki Smith has immersed herself in the practice of witchcraft and magic, and she is ready to share some cautionary insights regarding the dos and don'ts of magic and manifesting.


  1. Curse people- We have all had someone in our life do something that left us feeling upset or hurt and our first thought was to get revenge.
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Stock up on Halloween treats!

Oct2023 Feature Retail 400

We are quickly approaching the day we wait all year for – Halloween! While candy is the most known treat during this time, we think our treats this year might be a little sweater. We have not one, but TWO Limited Edition Halloween candles.

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All That Glitters is Mine Spell - Witches Union September 2023

Sep2023 WitchesUnion 400px

September 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Are you overwhelmed with not being able to decide on what to do with all of your wants and ideas? Then this spell is for you! Use the glittery and shiny energy to manifest all of those things you have floating around in your head.

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Egg Cleansing

Sep2023 Magic101 400px

Have you ever heard of an egg cleanse? Yeah, you read that right, cleansing yourself with an egg! It’s not as crazy as it sounds, we promise. Let’s get into it! 

Egg Cleansing

Egg cleansing is a great way to clear someone out of your life, or more specifically, any hooks that they have in you.

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All Treats, No Tricks!

Sep2023 Feature 400px

The air has shifted, the days are getting shorter, Fall is near, and Halloween is on our minds! Last year we offered our Limited Edition Witch’s Brew candles, but this year we have a little extra treat for you. Not only will those Witch’s Brew candles be back, but so will the Wicked Witch Mojo Limited Edition Halloween candles! 8 limited edition candles to choose from to get you ready for the upcoming spooky season.

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August 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Aug2023 WitchesUnion 400px

August 2023, Witches Union Spell Card

You have a deadline, a goal, and a small window of time, but your inspiration is missing from your winning formula. It’s time for the Creative Spark Spell to get your inspiration fired up!  

This personal ritual clears you of your creative blocks and invites in the ideas and clarity on how to execute.

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Candle Scribing 101

Aug2023 Magic101 400px

When it comes to candle scribing, we get a lot of questions. “How do you scribe a candle? Do I have to write in a certain direction? Can I write on the bottom?”. If you’re also wondering about the answers to these questions, we’ve got you covered! 

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