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Your Magical Story

Magical Story“You are magical; you are so magical that you could write your own epic tale of witchcraft and wonder. That is what each spell is, an epic tale of uncovering a deep secret that has been keeping you from attaining your full powers and overcoming that secret.

Did you know you were that impressive and interesting? As a magical voyeur, I have to tell you, you are that interesting. We live for the story; we are motivated by it; we are inspired by it; and if it is good enough, societies will kill for it. (Did I just go too deep on that last point?)”

Coventry Magic with Candles, Oils and Herbs by Jacki Smith, page 135.

When you step into the realm of manifesting you get to write the script

No matter your method of creation, look at your intention as a story. Make it the best story in the world and make it believable. When you step into the realm of manifesting you get to write the script and you choose whether it is a soap opera or a romantic comedy (only one of them has a happy ending that sticks).


Next time you decide to do a candle spell (or begrudgingly a spell of any kind) do it in three parts:

Part one – The back story. Dedicate a candle to the back story and the drama that got you where you are today. Let that back story be about the thing that you are getting rid of and use a Spiritual Cleansing, Needed Change or Uncrossing candle to work with that energy.

Part two - Where you are today and what you need to energize to get where you are going. Is it motivation, passion or the knowledge that you need? Do you need to up your psychic powers or your creative juices? This is a great place to use the Inspirational, Intuition, Vision Quest or even the Happiness candle. To power up, use the Energy & Will, or the Success Affirmation candle. Maybe you need some stability in your life.Then grab the Stability Blessed Herbal candle!

Part three – The final act and manifestation of your magic. This is the money shot and where you want to really set the tone for your magic. Ask for exactly what you want; what do you want your happy ending to be? If you want money ask for money, if you want love ask for it, if you want sex.. then you know what to do here. Don’t just ask for it, manifest it. Talk about how it will affect your life and how you will feel when it happens.

This is the part of the story that you need to make believable. Just like any good movie or book, if the ending has no reference to the beginning, it’s not a good story. When you craft your happy ending, put it in relation to how you have grown to be able to accept it. Talk about your spiritual evolution through the process.
Now – go write your script and make a lot of magic!!

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