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Welcome Spring, Welcome Rebirth!!!

Welcome Spring!!!

March 2017 Feature

New beginnings, the start of the gardening cycle, longer days, shorter nights, and warmer weather is the perfect time to bring out Coventry Creations World Magic Candles. Be sure to fill your magical toolbox with:


Limited Edition World Magic Greenman and Brigid Candles

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Bring on the charm

Feb 2017 Feature BLogProsperity, love, abundance, happiness, peace, or whatever you choose to have as the mainstay in your life Coventry Creations has the candle for that! 2017 is the year for new beginnings, and manifesting your intentions! Be sure to fill your magical toolbox with:

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It just got real, time to make this year magical

Janaury FeatureGoals, resolutions, wishes, intentions, no matter what you call them, we all have an idea of what we want 2017 to look like for us. Good thing Coventry has a candle for that!!! No matter what your intent is we have the magic for your toolbox this year - you may want to stock up.

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Rolling into the New Year with a Retrograde


The Mercury Retrograde Spell Box is the perfect tool to get in front of the mayhem that this astrological aspect can cause. Pre-shadow begins December 1 and intensifies as it approaches December 19. This is normally when those annoying little miscommunications begin, with their effects felt through the rest of the retrograde which runs through January 8.

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We want to bring 25 years of magic to you

25 years of making magic....  

Can you believe in 2017, Coventry will have been making magic and spreading it around the world for 25 years?    At our estimate, by the end of 2017, we will have made nearly two million candles.  That’s a lot of magic and a lot of wishes fulfilled.

To celebrate our Quarter Century, Patty and I want to come to you!  We want to visit our retailers, meet and greet your customers, teach some classes, do some readings and celebrate 25 years of continual Coventry magic. If you are interested in getting in on the 25 Years of Magic tour schedule fill out the information below and myself or a Coventry Magic maker will contact you to sort out the details.

Follow this link to the request form


Keep it magic!
Jacki Smith
Enchantress, Coventry Creations



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Honor Thy Mother and Father

ancestralAnd that jumble of grandparents, great grandparents, and all of the rest of them.  Standing right behind you.  Whether you call it All Saint’s Day, Halloween, the Day of the Dead it is a time when those closest to us come through the veil, not to frighten but to bring blessings, share love, and allow you to connect with them on a deeper level.


Modern Witch tradition makes Halloween spooky, but the longer standing history is that this is a day of celebration with the loved ones who have helped shape you into the person you are today.  Even if there is hurt and pain associated with them, this is the time for amends to be made and family wounds to be healed.  From the harshest beginnings we are given the opportunity to thrive and evolve.  It is from the darkest moments that the greatest potential for light is created.


Ancestors are in our blood


Cultures all around the world revere ancestors as a large part of their spiritual practice.  In West African traditions, ancestor altars are created by the largest tree on your property or in the kitchen of your home.  In China, they create a high altar in the main room to watch over the family.  In Rome, they would have Spirit Houses by their front door for their ancestors to protect the family and home from evil entering.  Reclaiming or creating your own ancestor reverence helps ground you in your cultural roots and give you a strong base to grow from.  Why do you think we are in the midst of a ghost hunting craze?  We are disconnected from our foundation and need to find some way to reconnect with the spirit realm.


No matter what the story of your ancestors, they are in your blood and their actions got you here today.  When they pass in full from this world to the next they leave behind the issues, fears, and hurts that limited their ability to love while they were human.  Even the nastiest ancestor, once they pass on, is working on making amends for their negative actions.  Bringing blessings to you and your life are a way they can do that.  Put them to work!


Why it works


I have an ancestor altar in my office at Coventry.  I put it there rather than my home because I was in the midst of moving and was not sure how long I would be at the new place.  I needed a place where I could secure my roots; so in the office it went.  My people love it here.  Once I moved them all to my office and talk to them regularly, I discovered that many of them were entrepreneurs and risk takers in their lives.  From the Grandfather that my Dad never knew who started a machine shop that employed his whole family, to my Grandmother who ran a daycare out of her home after her husband died to keep all of her kids in decent schools.  They lend us the energy to weather any storm, resolve issues and general blessings.


My ancestors protected my old house until it was time to go, and then they pushed us out.  When there is a lot of negative influence in my life, my ancestors make themselves known and let me know to feed them energy so they could work in my life.  Glasses of water move from the counter to the floor and once a roast that flipped out of the roasting pan and slid across three door jambs to land in front of their altar.  Sometimes it’s pictures that move on their own or the door that opens on its own to show us where the item we were looking for was stored; in any case they talk to us.


Start your own tradition


You don’t have to subscribe to any one tradition, you can start your own, but there are a few key universal ingredients for an ancestral altar.


A place to start – You need a place that is only theirs.  This is where you build your altar and set your offerings to them.  It is a special, reverent place; not the junk collecting place.  This is not where you go through your mail or put your dirty shoes on.  Give them a place of honor in your life.


Pictures or items from your people - Let your ancestors know who you are talking to by adding their photo to your altar.  Make sure only people who have passed on are in the photos.  You can also add their name and birthdate or if that is not available put on a piece of paper “My beloved Ancestors; known and unknown.” No worries if you are adopted, you got to choose your family and they choose you – it’s even more powerful!


Water – A universal symbol of the communicating with the spirit world


Candle –This is a universal symbol of spirit, use it.  White is most often used, but if your grandma loved blue, honor her with a blue candle.


Flowers – This is another universal symbol of bringing the spirit world into the living.  A fresh bunch of flowers is an excellent offering for your ancestors to give them some physical energy to use in this world.


Treats – Your ancestors all had their favorite treats from cigarettes to candy (or maybe candy cigarettes) and leaving them an offering is a sign of love and respect.  Offerings give them energy to use to bring blessings into your life.


Food – Give them a little of Sunday dinner.  Giving them food, especially food they liked while living, is a boost to the energy they use to help you in your life.  You see, they need tangible physical energy to create tangible physical change in your life.


There are many traditional prayers to use, but I start with a simple invitation for them to join me and a little conversation.  I talk about what I learned about them, how they have helped me in my life and what struggles I am experiencing now.  I ask for their guidance and then spend quiet time in front of the altar in thanks for all that they have done.  The biggest ritual I do for my ancestors is collecting things over time that they enjoy.  For instance, I have a door lock that is in pieces for my Uncle Maury.  He was a locksmith and loved to re-key locks.  I learned my Grandmother Teeny loved angel food cake.  Whenever I find an individual size at the store, I know she wants to talk to me.  My Uncle Pete loved to play Euchre so I made him a “Go it alone” hand and have that with his funeral program.

Temporary or permanent it’s a good practice to start your magic with your ancestors; they have your back!

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Burn Up Your Future!

BurnUPWell, really we want our candle magic to help light the way forward, not start the next forest fire!  Candles have been used in magic since time immemorial; the simplicity of candle work is very appealing and vastly powerful.  


No two candles, whether machine or handmade, will ever react the same way when lit for magical purposes.  Each candle will be a unique experience.  When dedicated and lit, each candle displays its unique personality that is shaped from your desires and is interpreted by the tiny fire elemental housed within the flame.  Communication from each candle will vary slightly, depending on the task it is assigned and how well you have aligned your intention with it.  It will also depend on whether you are paying attention to it.


Try this exercise the next time you do a candle spell:


As your candle burns, free your mind and concentrate on the candle.  Watch how the smoke rises, the flame dances, and listen to the sound it makes.  The smoke may rise to the east, or waft to the south, the flame may flare up or dwindle, and the sounds may be of a popping nature or you may be startled by the wax dripping down the side and pooling in the holder.  Ask yourself how these actions relate to the magic you are casting.  The answers you perceive are often startling and revealing about the true nature of your desires.

Take the time to pay attention to the flame during your next magical working and be open to the messages coming through!

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You and Your Witchy Ways

WitchyThey come out of the woodwork this month, all the Halloween witches that just love October and witchy the trappings that make them feel magical; kind of like Sunday Christians.  Being a Halloween witch is a good start, but let me give you some things that you can do all year long to earn that Witches Union Card and master your magical self.


Give yourself the authority over your own well being.


You are the decider in your life and there is nothing more magical than a choice made from intention and empowerment.  If you are in a crappy situation, make a new choice every moment, every day, to see your way out of it.  Baby steps may be what it takes, just make sure you are stepping and not standing still.


Connect with a power greater than you.


You are part of a greater consciousness and the path that you choose to connect with that higher power is less important than connecting.  Pagan, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Agnostic; it doesn’t matter.  Dogma is more interested in the Divine than the Divine is interested in dogma.  When you seek communion with your higher power you are filling the energetic voids created by stress, grief, anger or any of the negative emotions that plague your every day.


Understand the value of your ancestors.  


You are the culmination of all the hopes and dreams of your ancestors.  Good or bad, they have paved the way for your life today and they are the spirits that are most invested in your success.  Your ancestors are free of the personalities that made up their human lives and only have your highest good at heart.  With every legacy left to you by your ancestors there is something to be healed and a blessing to be embraced.


Don’t settle for failure; dig deeper and find what is broken


Magic is all about reaching outside of your comfort zone.  If you could have, you already would have and failure is just a sign that you need to shake it up and challenge your beliefs.  Witches know that a good spell makes you nervous and challenges you to be more than you think you can be.


Listen to your divine self

Your divine self or higher self is the part of you that is always connected to the Divine (by any name you use).  When you are quiet and gentle with yourself you can hear the messages of your higher self and they always take you in the correct direction.  The more often you take the time to meditate and listen, the louder your higher self is and easier it is to hear the guidance.


Face your fears with courage


Courage is not a lack of fear, but an embracing of fear.  Fear is a tool that your ego uses to stop you from doing something that threatens your sense of self.  Sometimes that sense of self is damaged through experiences and needs a bit of healing, thus the need to face your fears with courage and create a new experience that writes a new sense of self.


Know your boundaries


Some boundaries are for keeping and some are for breaking; know the difference.  There are no hard and fast rules to guide these boundaries and your needs for them will change from year to year and experience to experience.  Know that they are always moving and always important because unrestricted growth can quickly become cancer.


Perform random acts of kindness


When you do kind things without reward out in the world, you build your magical bank account.  Wild magic is that force at work in everyone’s life bringing luck and fortune, but it is how you feed your wild magic that will make it good or bad.


Choose your acts of respect for the earth we live on  


Whether you believe we are guests on this earth or entitled to all that it has to offer, we have to keep it in good shape to support us.  Choose your activities and let them become habits and grow.  Just start with one thing, master it, and make it part of your day, every day.


Play and allow your inner child to awaken your magic


Magic comes from your inner child.  It is that innocence to trust in the universe, trust in humanity, and trust that wishes do come true that magic is born from.  Even in your most desperate moments you suspend all doubt and believe that miracles can happen and it is your inner child that makes this possible.  Get out your crayons, coloring books and glitter and help your inner child love the world.


Cast spells when you need them and be purposeful in your actions and intentions


The most powerful time to cast a spell is when you need it.  You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect because life doesn’t work that way.  Don’t sit there and suffer, take action when you need to and be purposeful about it.  Set a clear intention and dig deep to find the issue under the symptom and craft your spell from there.  Remember, magic = healing.


Do the work and practice, over and over again  


Magic does not work by a timer.  There is no guarantee that 3 days from now you will get a $100,000 check because you cast a spell.  You do your work, set your intent, light your candles, wear your oils, arrange your crystals, and see what happens.  Then you do it over and over again.  You do all this while you go out there into the world and do the physical work that supports the energy that you put into your spell.  When you do both, you spell manifests faster and you find the errors quicker.


Start every day with gratitude


Gratitude is magic on steroids.  When you start every day and every spell be being grateful for the bounty in your life, you are infusing it with jet fuel.  Any moment that sets you off into a downward spiral can be rerouted by a quick recounting of your blessings and finding gratitude in the moment.

Witches are not a religion, but a state of being.  You are a witch when you know there are energies at work outside of what you can touch, taste, and feel.  You are a witch when you empower your ideas with the vibration that will facilitate their manifestation. You are a witch when you make a wish and then do the work to make it come true.

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Bring Your Bail Money

WB ALLNot so long ago women without a permissible reason to be out late at night were often suspected of witchcraft.  Ladies night was not a good enough excuse.  Thank goodness times of changed;  can you imagine the amount of bail money that would be needed on Halloween alone?  Maybe a Witch’s Purse Witch’s Brew candle would raise up enough cash to avoid the pokey for the wilder ones out there today!


Kick up your heels and your magic this month with specials on all of our Witch’s Brew candles and oils.


Use coupon code OCT16 for 15% off Witch’s Brew candles and oils in October.


Honor old traditions and new with the classic blends of dragon’s blood, juniper, rose, vetiver, myrrh, mugwort, date, frankincense, jasmine, and amber musk; the standards of witchcraft for generations.  That’s what the Witch’s Brew candles and oils are based on; the powerful classics.  


Original Witch’s Brew - Blended to strengthen the spirit, enlighten the soul, energize and empower any spell.  One size fits all spells!


Dragon’s Blood Witch’s Brew  - Awaken the inner dragon and set fire to intentions with this smoky resin.


Evil Eye Witch’s Brew -  Catch those trouble makers in a sticky web of protection over you and yours with this juniper and rose blend.


Witch’s Purse Witch’s Brew - Fill your pockets with all the precious things in the world with this sweet rich blend of bergamot and date.  Taste the sweetness of life!


We’re always looking for ways to add to the magic and this month we are introducing a little sparkle to our magical products.  See our website for the newest offering, Coventry Glass candle holders; specially designed for use with our candles.

Coventry Creations has taken the guesswork out of selecting the right candle by putting together the perfect combination of oils, colors, and then crafting them with a purpose.  For nearly twenty five years, all of our candles and oils have been hand poured when the moon is right, in a sacred space and with added blessings.

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Not Like the Movies

GC SEPatrick may not wrap his arms around you and destroy your pottery.  Nor will you necessarily look like Demi Moore, but if you are looking to get a little closer to someone on the other side hosting a séance is a simple way to do it.  All joking aside, when tapping into other worldly things you want to make sure you are protecting yourself and your space.  Not all ghosts have good abs, or intentions, so use the following steps to keep yourself safe.


Here is what you will need: the Séance Ghost candle, Blessed Herbal Protection oil, a protection blessing of your choosing, some sort of paper or board with yes or no written on it, and a pendulum.


Find a quiet space that allows you to focus on the task at hand.  Send the kids out to play while you prepare to meditate on Dirty Dancing….I mean, contact those beyond.  Once you feel that you have found the right location lay out the instruments for your séance.


Before you begin your séance it is important to protect yourself and your space.  Pour a few drops of Protection Blessed Herbal oil onto your fingertips.  Rub it into the candle and your divination tool.  Touch your fingers to your third eye and heart chakras.  Really, anywhere that suits you; dab your doorways, floors or the tip of your nose if it feels right.  


Once the Protection oil has been placed, light the candle and recite your protection affirmation or use the blessing that comes on the Séance Ghost candle.  This candle is made to help your voice resonate on many planes and for your message to be focused.  Use the pendulum to ask your questions.  Don’t forget to note down the answers and consult them for clarity and consistency.

When you open a door you have to remember to close it.  After you are finished, politely thank them and anoint yourself with the Protection oil again while firmly but nicely saying goodbye as many times as you need.  

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101 Ways to Tell If Your House is Haunted

GC HBCOr really some generalizations and a candle magic cure.  I could ask you a litany of questions, “Is that the furnace?  A bird in the attic?  Raccoons on the roof?  A leaky window?  Is there a dark man standing outside the window?  Did it come from within the house?  Do you see flickers in the mirror?  Feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?  Feel cold drafts?”.  Let’s face it, if you are haunted you probably already know it or are reading this to aid someone who is.  


Hauntings do seem to fall into a few categories and you can certainly tweak your spellwork fairly easily to deal with them all.  This month’s special edition Home Clear and Bless Ghost candle was made to clear out the past energy from your house, whether its spirits or former tenants, and it can be used in conjunction with many other candles to get the desired effect.


Probably the most favored ghost genre of Hollywood is the poltergeist; you know like Poltergeist the movie.  You’ve seen it.  You know what this is all about.  Broken dishes, slamming doors, terrified children and a weird attachment to the TV.  Scratch that, that explains most modern children.  So let’s say odd electronic behaviors.  Like they are trying to talk to you...and maybe do.  Watch out for creepy blond children hanging out in their nightgowns.  For sure there is a poltergeist around; those little girls attract them like magnets.  Use the Poof! Wicked Witch Mojo candle in addition to the Bless and Clear Ghost candle to get those lousy gremlins gone.  Or lay down the law with those bratty kids, whichever applies.  


Residual hauntings are what I like to call imposed post cognizance. The living keep walking in on a scene that repeats itself over and over; one that doesn’t exist on this place in time.  If there are any ghostly figures in the room they don’t attempt to interact with the living.  It’s much like the holodeck, only without the controls.  Using the Home Bless and Clear Ghost candle should be enough to erase the video loop.  


Intelligent hauntings can be a little frightening as the dead may be trying to talk to you directly.  It does make for a shocking midnight snack.  Usually these folks are harmless and in need of some closure; nothing like taking your baggage to the grave.  In addition to the House Clear and Bless Ghost candle, I’m thinking that a little helping hand is needed and suggest the Problem Solving Blessed Herbal candle.

Then things get a little freaky; entities which never had any human form that are just energy based.  Often their only purpose is to create chaos and destruction.   These malevolent spirits, culminations of negative energy, can be powerful and dangerous.  You know, like in The Shining.  Yes, Home Bless and Clear Ghost candle but I would suggest you pack a wallop with the Fiery Wall of Protection Motor City Hoo Doo candle and the Protection Blessed Herbal candle.  If you feel that you and yours are not safe seek guidance from your local spiritual community.  


The other side influences our lives every day and usually not by taking over the hotel we are caretakers for.  Our sensitivity to ghostly activity grows with each encounter; sometimes to a distracting level. The Ghost Candles are specially made to enforce authority over the intersection of spirit world and ours.  The Ghost candles are made at the time of year when the veil is at its thinnest between our world and beyond. They not only deal with issues of the spirit world but also in the lingering energy the living can leave behind.  

This annual special edition line is a popular tradition here at Coventry Creations.  This year we will be offering the following candles: Home Clear and Bless, Night Terror, Ghost Repel, and Seance.  Don't miss out on this limited run!

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Can Alchemy Solve Everything?

BHC HTIf so, what is the the right mixture for success?  Success is the constant churning of the elements; thought into passion into emotion into action; air into fire into water into earth.  That is the start of the alchemical process, turning emotion into action; water into earth.  Add in that unique ingredient of spirit and you are manifesting the success to achieve your goals.  This is an unending alchemical process; with your growing success, your targets will change.  As you learn and evolve, your goals will evolve with you.

When you embrace success as a process instead of an end goal, you can enjoy who you are. Success is a process of passion and it can be a process of joy and happiness.   What destroys that happiness is when you use outdated cultural norms or even the projections of others. The journey of success is not necessarily about money; it is more about fulfillment.  Start living your own magic by shedding the expectations and judgments of what others deem success to be and watch your good fortune grow!

7 Magical Steps to Creating Success

Let go of the past and start in the here and now.  Past mistakes, fears, experiences can become the driving force in inhibiting your success and the only place they will drive you is off the cliff.  Use the Motor City Hoo Doo Uncrossing Candle to identify and clear from you those past emotions that will stop you from achieving your goal.

Thoughts lead to feelings. Feeling lead to actions. Actions lead to results.  Light a Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal candle and whisper that negative self sabotaging talk into the candle.  Shake off all those nasty voices in your head and move forward clean and clear.

Burn the Heart Blessed Herbal Candle to show you where your passion lies and how you want to experience success.  What are the actions or steps you need to take to get to your place of success?  How would you know if you actually achieved your success if you do not have a benchmark to measure it against?  List five things you need to do in the physical world to promote your success and speak them aloud.  Visualize your target success every morning, take action towards it every day, and keep your eyes open for new ways of getting there.

Humor, the ultimate road opener…..Use the Ganesha World Magic candle to remove obstacles and bring joy.  When you invite his energy into your life the unexpected creates the miracles you are looking for.  You know you are on the right path when you come upon roadblocks.  Our internal saboteur actually looks for roadblocks to give excuses for diversions from your goal.  The Ganesha candle helps you see those roadblocks and then laugh at yourself about them.  Light it every time you come upon a block or fear.  When you open your mind to see the block for what it truly is, it gets less scary and formidable.

Invite success with the Success Affirmation candle by starting with gratitude, giving thanks for everything you have already accomplished and all that you have.  Honoring these successes and your current abundance opens the door for more to enter.  If you have been struggling with success it is because you have forgotten what it is to succeed.  You have depleted your self-esteem and personal power.  This step helps you get back into your place of power where you can invite in success.

Relax your expectations and let the universe bring to you what you truly need to manifest your success.  Use the Attraction Blessed Herbal candle to draw in exactly what you need.  It may not be what you thought it would be, but if you open your mind you will find that what you receive is even better than the original expectation.

Burn the Crown of Glory Motor City Hoo Doo candle and be open to opportunity.  The perfect time, place and opportunity will arrive.  Every time.  Every step you take in this magical journey leads you to this moment.   It is your moment alone, your moment of glory.  Your courage to change for the better, your courage to be successful will be what helps you take advantage and travel through the manifestation of your success.  

When opportunity presents itself – GRAB  IT!  The universe will provide the opportunity, but you have to see and utilize it.  This part it totally up you!  It is the brass ring; snatch it up and run with it.  Enjoy, be at peace, and know you have traveled through to a place where you can sustain your new vibration while living a glorious life full of continued successes.

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Hekate, Last of the Titans

GC ALLShe’s like the superhero mom with twelve kids, who runs a nonprofit, started the carpool, volunteers at a hospice, fosters puppies, plays roller derby on the weekends, and has a wicked sharp sense of humor.  Only immortal.  And a Titan.  You can draw Hekate into your life to enact big, life altering magic and maybe even make it to a P.T.A. meeting.


Often depicted as a triple headed woman of glorious beauty Hekate embodies all stages of womanhood; maiden, mother, and crone.  Hekate is the Queen of the Crossroads, Witches, Ghosts, keeper of the newborn, the guide for the dead, and has the power to grant mortals anything they wish.  Yes, she is a badass.  Her resume also includes guardianship over entranceways, dogs, light, magic, protection of all things newborn, herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery.  Not to mention ruling over the earth, sea, and sky.  


Take a look here for my take on the patriarchy trying to keep the Queen down.


Seek her out at three way crossroads, places between here and there for assistance in moving from one stage of being into another.  Set up shrines to Hekate at three way crossroads allowing her to look down your pathes; past, present, and future.  Light candles and leave offerings of food on the new moon to protect yourself from evil while transitioning from one stage to the next or appeal to her to protect your household, bring prosperity and daily blessings to your family.  

Hekate, goddess of the three paths, Queen of the Witches and Ghosts, seemed like the perfect compliment to our Ghost line.  As a guide between the two worlds the Hekate World Magic candle leads us in the direction we need to go.  Approach her for guidance, strength, and will; she is a powerful ally.  Our limited edition Hekate World Magic and the seasonal Ghost lines are available for a short time. Then, just as they came, they will slowly disappear….

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5 Ways to Clear the Road Ahead


All the signs are pointing to movement and change this month and we are holding onto our hats just trying to keep up! We’ve assembled our favorite articles to remind us all of ways to make the road less bumpy. Happy travels!

Shed off the binds of being a victim and Power Up Positive Energy.

Jacki Smith outlines the steps to let go of too much focus on outcomes in this article Not a F@*k Was Given.

Writing Your Own Ticket by Patty Shaw takes a look at defining the way your life will look like going forward.

Own the choices you are making on your new path and influence changes in It Doesn’t Exist Until You Write It Down.

Take a look at the seven magical steps to creating success to guide you on the path ahead in Success is a Journey, Not a Destination by Jacki Smith.

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These Boots Were Made For Walking

BOOTSThere are times when we need to lace our boots up, walk away from toxic people, and end destructive relationships.  You know who they are: narcissists, bullies, manipulators; those that keep you around just to keep you down.  The psychic vampires that latch onto the most giving and then drain until there is nothing left. There are times when we need to lace our boots up, walk away from toxic people, and end destructive relationships.


This spell was crafted to help you do just that.  The following combination of Coventry products adds a little magic to put some pep in your step and banish the unworthy from your life.


1 - Energy and Will Blessed Herbal Candle

1 - Makin’ Tracks Wicked Witch Mojo Candle

1 - Bitch Be Gone Wicked Witch Mojo Oil

Personal items of the person you are shaking loose

A Mason Jar

1 - Limited Edition Crossroads Candle with Skeleton Key

A secluded crossroads

Put some kick in those heels by drawing on your inner strength with the Energy and Will Blessed Herbal candle.  Light the candle in a safe space and place your shoes on the floor in front of it.  Sit with the candle until the need to move overwhelms you and then put on the shoes.  


Anoint the personal items of the person you want to see in the rearview mirror with the Bitch Be Gone Wicked Witch Mojo oil.  Place them on the floor below the candles.  


Send them packing fast and light the Makin' Tracks Wicked Witch Mojo candle and stomp them out by circling the candles three times while chanting, “Out! Out! Out!”.  Allow the candle burn until you feel their energy dissipate.

Collect all the remnants and personal items in the Mason jar and seal it up tight.  Take your first steps to freedom and head to a crossroads as far as you can get from your home.  

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Hekate the Queen Bitch of the Crossroads

HEKATEUnlike others, Hekate, the Queen of the Witches, stands at three way crossroads (as opposed to four) and protects those at the threshold of change.  Beautiful and powerful, Hecate was the only Titan allowed to keep her power and Zeus himself shared the ability to give mortals anything they wished.  She retained the right to refuse outright, which is probably one of the reasons she was referred to as a bitch.  Sure, she was also represented as a three headed hound, but really?


Over the years her reputation was tarnished and she went from a creature of unimaginable power, glowing, and having desirable features to an old hag stirring a cauldron.  The maiden and the mother stripped from her and her triple nature was washed away.  Robbed of her rightful place, she slipped in obscurity, overshadowed by the Olympian gods that had become the trendy alternatives.  In an attempt to rob Hekate, her attributes were divided among the newer goddesses; trying to break up her vast abilities.  Her former kingdoms of earth, sea, and sky were divided into lesser moon goddess.  It may be the original glass ceiling.  


So why did the patriarchy go after her?  The same reason it always does; power in the hands of women is dangerous.  And when that female has the ability to deny the desires of mortals, the right to say no, she gets bullseye on her back right quick.  The joke is on them; Hekate turned out to be a survivor.  


A multifaceted goddess, she is known variously as the Queen of the Crossroads, the Queen of Witches, and the Queen of Ghosts.  She kept that crown on her head despite the efforts to diminish her.  A protector of all things newborn and a psychopomp for the dead, she guides the deceased to the afterlife without judgement; unlike all the glass house gods.  Associated with the crossroads, a place of great magic, thresholds, and entrance ways, she is the protector of those traveling from one state of being to another. Her softer side is a goddess of the household and at her discretion bestows prosperity and protection to those that honor her.  She often appears with two torches and holds a key to transformation.  Without question her knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery added to the fears of the patriarchy.   

Hekate is an intense goddess to appeal to but if she deems your request valid she is a powerful ally.  Call upon her at the crossroads when you need the Bitch Queen at your back.

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Get Moving With Motor City Grit

GetMovingIt’s time to put your shoulder to the wheel.  Knuckle down. Bust it out.  Achieve your dreams.  You know you’ve got this, but sometimes some extra magic moves things along a little faster.  The Motor City Grit combination packs a wallop when it’s time to get down and dirty.  Use the Wicked Good Road Opener Room Spray to destroy obstacles and clear your path.  Dig deep and discover a renewed sense of strength with the earthy Stability Blessed Herbal Candle.  Grease the wheels with Motor City Hoodoo High John Oil by adding a touch of the trickster’s luck and wily tenacity.  Keep your goal in sight with the Crown of Glory Motor City Hoo Doo candle to insure victory.


1 - Wicked Good Road Opener Room Spray

1 - Stability Blessed Herbal Candle

1 - Motor City Hoodoo High John Oil

1 - Motor City Hoo Doo Crown of Glory Motor City Candle


This spell certainly has a taste of regional flair; inspired by our hometown spirit.  Detroit is no stranger to tribulation but continues on proudly despite the naysayers.  Struggle, in and of itself, is not negative; it is often an overlooked opportunity to truly experience our own strength. The Motor City Grit spell is designed to capitalize on the vast stores of power each of us has access to.

Create your own spell pairings and add a little magic of your own!  Post pictures on our Facebook page of your combination of Coventry Creations products that you use to bring in quick cash, ditch old patterns, and change your financial luck . We’ll select the best of the best and award that lucky witch with a $50 Coventry Creations gift basket.  

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Real Estate SOLD! - A Witches Union Spell Box

SB REHouse lagging on the market with hardly a reasonable offer in sight?  Want to get the most from your investment?  The Real Estate SOLD! Spell Box was designed to solve all your real estate worries with speed.  With a fickle market everyone could use a little boost to their listing and there is nothing wrong with sending a little energy your agent’s way.   Also included is a spell crafted by our resident enchantress, Jacki Smith.  Get your limited edition spell box today.


Join the Witches Union and Share Your Magic

Create your own spell pairings and add a little magic of your own!  Post pictures on our Facebook page of your combination of Coventry Creations products that you use to bring in quick cash, ditch old patterns, and change your financial luck.   We’ll select the best of the best and award that lucky witch with a $50 Coventry Creations gift basket.  

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Deals with the Devil and other Crossroads Magic

BHC CRGot your attention, didn’t I?  Truly though, when standing at the threshold between a previous way of thinking, state of being or making big changes the crossroads is the place to be.  Jacki, our founder and favorite witch, feels that the most powerful personal magic is when you are at the crossroads.  That is why she created this limited edition candle to tap into your own deeper magic.  In addition, in celebration of the Month of Jacki receive 15% off autographed copies of Jacki’s book, Coventry Magic.


This $25.00 Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads candle comes with a ritually charged skeleton key.  Also included are instructions to create your own ritual to unlock your crossroads magic.   


Remember the Crossroads candle is only available in August!


Use coupon code AUG16 for 15% off autographed copies

of Coventry Magic, by Jacki Smith in August


The places in between.  Neither here nor there.  Betwixt and between.  The cardinal points.  The crossroads is a snake that curls around spiritual paths, religion, and folklore with complete disregard to geography or culture.  The underlying theme is that it is the place where the spiritual and physical worlds touch which makes it a powerful place to work magic of all kinds.


A versatile location, the crossroads is a space to call on guardians, confuse ghosts, work powerful mojo, banish, or draw in desires.  It is where deals are hashed out, intentions stated, decisions are made, and offerings are left.  Tricksters, protectors, gods and goddesses of all kinds, and yes, even the Devil himself are said to reside at the crossroads.  


Crossroads magic can be carried on at any intersection of roads.  Jacki highly suggests a rural or less travelled road; a curious policeman can really ruin the vibe.  Crossroads magic can be worked symbolically indoors as well.  In any case, set up four corners with candles acting as elemental representations of the four elements.  Draw a cross of graveyard dirt through the center and choose your intention, request or question.  Light a candle in the center and allow the candles to burn down as long as the neighbors don’t notice you sitting in the middle of the road.  Keep an eye out for the “dark man” or a dark colored dog.  


This month’s Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroad candle was made under the watchful energy of Jacki’s personal Elegba and was crafted to appeal to many guardians.  Hecate, Legba, Ellegua, and Elegba all reside at the Crossroads along with many others were honored in the creation process.  Symbols that connect cultures and the Crossroads are the colors red, black and white, dogs and skeleton keys which were all included in the process.  The Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads candle is as versatile as the crossroads itself.


Coventry Creations has taken the guesswork out of selecting the right candle by putting together the perfect combination of oils, colors, and then crafting them with a purpose.  For over twenty years, the Blessed Herbal Candles have been hand poured when the moon is right, in a sacred space and with added blessings.  The 17 unique blends are our top selling products and have brought magic into the lives of many people.

The Crossroads candle is available for a short time so act now.  Get out there and make some magic of your own!

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Create the Future You Deserve

BOOK DIYThe search for the meaning of life - it’s ingrained in most of us.  And wouldn’t we love a handbook to guide us through the murky waters?  DIY Akashic Wisdom by Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw, offers just that; a guide to understanding your life and it’s lessons.  The Akashic Records, or “The Book of Life,” is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey, and Akashic anarchist sisters Patty Shaw and Jacki Smith are going to show you how to tap into that dimension!


The Akashic Records are the collective cosmic mind, which can sound a bit daunting but Jacki and Patty’s methods are approachable, practical, and healing.  Their philosophy is that everyone can easily step into their Akashic Records.  


Journey into your own Akashic records where you can access all information about who you are today, your past lives, your future lives, and generations of your genetic history with DIY Akashic Wisdom. Providing a complete approach to healing it will help you identify your soul parts, clear family legacies, and build a solid foundation for the future you choose.  


Patty Shaw, is the co-owner of the Candle Wick Shoppe and Coventry Creations with her sister, Jacki Smith. Patty is a Reiki Master and Director of the Dharma Room Reiki Clinic.  Patty is the author of Healers Almanac, co-author of DIY Akashic Wisdom, a Minister with UCM (Universal Church of the Masters), and earned her Reiki Master degree in 1999. She is also a spiritual counselor and works with the Akashic Records during healing sessions.

Jacki Smith is the co-owner of Coventry Creations and her intensive studies in ancient teachings inspired her to write Coventry Magic and DIY Akashic Wisdom.  She is internationally known both for her award winning books and her line of intentional candles, oils, and sprays.  Currently she runs her businesses, teaches, consults, while hosting “Keep it Magic Radio”.  

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