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What does 3x3x3 mean?

When witches get it right

Witchcraft goes back to pre-history but it’s not what you think it is.  It’s not what you see in the movies, it’s not the three old hags stirring a cauldron in Hamlet, and it’s not about being the bride of Satan.  Witchcraft is the art of positive energy, manifesting and intention wielding.   In other words, it is prayer that incorporates the physical world around you to give a boost to your sacred mutterings.

The magic of witchcraft is about connecting to your creator and then getting out of the way.

Prayer and spell casting have many similarities; they start with you connecting to the divine, they are stronger when you add emotion, they are humbling, they are answered in your highest good, we usually ask for the easy way out.

The differences are not so scary either:

In spell casting you prepare yourself with quiet contemplation and asking for guidance on what you need, you gather ingredients for your spell that represent the vibration you are wanting to manifest, you use words of power and you know that the divine will send you answers and show you right action.

In prayer you prepare yourself to commune with the divine.  You ask for guidance in your words and heart.  Then you ask for the right action you need to take.   

Not so different are they?

When we are all looking for a relationship with the divine how can one be evil and one holy?

The words are different, but the meaning is the same.

Amen is a word that is used at the end of prayers to close it and send it to God.  “So be it” or “truth” or “this is confirmed” are some of the translations of the meaning of the word.

In Witchcraft many will use Christian prayers to empower their spells, as many witches are Christian, and many will use a phrase with a similar meaning.  “So mote it be” or “3x3x3” are some of the more popular ones.   3x3x3 is a term that means, “Whatever I am asking for, multiply it to its greatest potential as I cannot see that far and I trust that the divine knows better than I.”  

We are not so far apart in our spiritual core and in the end, we are all looking to be the best human representation of the divine that we can be.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Many magical products are available at or at your local spiritual supply store.  To get more unique spells like this, monthly specials and new product announcements subscribe to the Coventry newsletter.

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Making Mercury Retrograde Your Bitch

The scape goat of the 21st century; “Bad things are happening, is Mercury retrograde again?”   It’s time to cut it out and stop laying down on the Mercury Retrograde sword.  It is time to turn this energy into something that serves you instead of enslaves you.

Mercury Retrograde is not a time for you to freeze frame and be afraid of living.  It is time to open your eyes and be prepared.  Mercury’s lesson is all about being prepared and paying attention.   Basically when Mercury is direct you get to phone it in and be bit lazy and honestly, that plan can blow up hard.   Mercury Rx does you a favor by shaking up your world and showing you where to put your attention and make your fixes.  

It’s time to LOVE retrograde and make it work FOR you.

Don’t sign a contract, start a project, fix anything, write anything, drive anywhere, email anyone, call anyone…. Because Mercury is retrograde.   Who can even live like that??   4 times a year, three or more weeks at a time where you are frozen…  No one has time for that!  

No one has time for their car to break down, computer to go in the fritz or to get into a big fat fight with their partner or bestie. These crisis’ can derail everything and set you back to before Mercury went to the dark side and stole all of your cookies.   So, what do you do when those things start happening during a Mercury Retrograde?   A little pro-active planning will get you through the whole mess.

Don’t panic at the first Mercury Retrograde symptom, right that energy and make it useful.

Mercury Retrograde, when allowed to be a blessing instead of a curse, can change your game for the better.

Mercury Retrograde Spell Box – Righting the Retrograde and taking charge of your energy.

In the Mercury Rx box there are 2 candles, an oil and instructions for using this energy that surrounds you.   The Happiness Blessed Herbal candle and the Van Van Motor City Hoo Doo candle & oil are the favorite go-tos of the Coventry staff and we have been recommending them as retrograde remedies for years.

The VanVan is an old conjure recipe that stops negative magic or bad luck in its tracks and turns its back.   No matter where that energy is coming from (even if you did it to yourself), Van Van will smooth out your energy and put you back in alignment and balance.  The oil is for you and the candle for your environment – inside and out you will right what went wrong.   

The Happiness candle is akin to the sun energy and nothing trumps the sun.  It will rise every day and burn away your troubles and energize you for what is next.   When you align with your inner happiness, your outer life will reflect that.

This spell box takes you through every magical step to make Mercury Retrograde your bitch… or maybe simply your ally.

Coventry Creations  has your Mercury Retrograde Spell Box ready for you – but when they are out, they are out and you have to wait on the next cycle.    Also check out our Store locator to see who in town has this spell box waiting for you.

For more spells like this, monthly specials and news on our new products sign up for the Coventry Newsletter!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year


May your year be healing, invigorating, inspiring, and filled with inner peace.   


Who needs a resolution when you have all that going for you

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Ending on a high note

ending on a high noteThis is it, the final days of 2015.  I have a to-do list that isn’t finished, I have that extra 20(ish) pounds I didn’t loose, there are unfinished projects all around my office and house......   and I don’t care.  


This year was amazing!  There is so much I did and so much I didn’t do, but ya know what?  That didn’t do was awesome too.  I let myself be human this year, I started breaking the habit of busy-ness and decided to mindfully spend my time and energy.

I took time to heal this year and I allowed myself to be vulnerable and cry and be ugly about it when I needed to be, and within that I found myself.   My friends, healing isn’t about finding perfection.  It is about finding your flaws and making friends with them until they are no longer flaws.   

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Tapping into a new year

tapping into luckOh the possibilities that a new year brings.  Oh the promises (and the lies) that a fresh, untainted year brings.   The energy is palpable, it calls and beckons you to make grand promises to yourself.  All the energy of the year lays at your feet...


Careful how you spend it.

Like luck, the year will be what you make it.  How do you make luck?  By listening to your intuition and being aware of every opportunity that comes your way and using your inner voice to guide you to the best one for you.    Set your course for the year and tap into your inner luck to guide you, gently along the way.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


May your hearts be warmed by the love that abounds.   No matter where you are, know that Coventry is sending holiday wishes your way and we believe in your innate magic.  Now... go make some.


Love from the Coventry Staff

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Angels all around us

angels are all around usHave you ever met an angel?   I have.  I have met several and you probably have too.  You see, angels are not just the winged supernatural beings that fill our fantasies, they are too conspicuous that way.  The tabloids would go wild and their divine work would be lost in all the sensation.


You see, angels work much quieter.   They work with you on the spiritual, emotional and mental levels, certainly.  You can call to them in your meditations and psychic journeys and they will come.  The sensations they bring when one is around you is humbling at the least.   They also work with you on the physical level  - very often - and they do in a stealth like manner.

Angels are masters of disguise and their favorite one is as a human.   They come to you with just the right answer, they come to you with a moment of comfort at just the right time.  They come to you as your biggest challenge and push you into growth from adversity. You see, angels are all around you and they work through who surround you (including your pets).   They also work through you to help other people and every time you allow them in, blessings are left in their wake.

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Happy Yule

Happy Yule


In our darkest moments we have the opportunity to find our deepest pain.  As the light returns we find that we can heal and repair our souls from the core on out.    May your Solstice be filled with an empowered and courageous spirit.

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Bless this mess

bless this messA well lived lived life is rarely tidy.  A well loved life is messy and filled with bits and chunks of un-nameable fun.   Bless your mess and bless your home, because this is where you feed your soul, love your family and relax your shields.


Take a moment today and bless your mess, your socks on the floor, your dishes in the sink your un-made-up mind, your leaky emotions, and your intrusive passion.   Bless this mess of trial and error, of unrealized dreams, ideas that went awry and stacks of books out of order.


You are the creator and creation of all these things and some days you have to revel in the absurdity of the mess you create while in the mode of creation.   When you accept your mess, for better and for worse, own its reason and purpose in life and possibly even make friends with it, this mess is no longer a pain or a nemesis.  This mess can be your savior.  

Bless this Mess, bless this home and bless the hearts that get messing in their loving.

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When dreams break

when dream breakGrief is a loss of your dreams, your future.   Grief is your heart losing a part of what filled it and having to heal one tiny moment at a time.


We all grieve for many types of losses; death, divorce, job loss, failure, friend loss, loneliness.  We are filled with the memories of what used to be and could have been and those memories have become charged with pain.  Pain is good, it’s healthy and it is what cleanses you, but only if you let it.  Only if you feel it, bring it to the surface, make friends with it and then let it go.   Letting go is the hard part and that is why we created something to help you in the process.

The Grief Affirmation is made with a careful blend of Frankincense, Cedar and Rosemary to help you elevate those painful emotions, hold on to the memories of the great parts and let the rest go.  To grieve is not to turn off the world, but to embrace the world you have lived, love it and then use the memories to build anew.

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I got what I asked for.. now what?

soul mateOpps!  you got it and now what do you do with it?  Worse yet, you got the love interest you have been reaching for and now what do you do?  


You go with it.   Nothing is going to be perfect and it’s time to step out of the fantasy of “what if” and into the reality of “now what?”   Love is not the end game, it is the game, the journey the action you take to ensure your future.    Love is returned as it is given, love is the example we set for our future selves to continue to act within.


A soul mate is not the one who will bend to your every whim and worship the ground that you walk on.  A true soul mate will push you to grow with them. They will disagree and then find common ground.  They will worship with you, the moments of bliss you find together.. and then work hard to create more.   A soul mate is not a minion, they are a partner and they are just as imperfect as you.   

Remember, if you start your relationship knowing your deal breakers, you will also find a reason to do so.

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Beauty Is As Beauty Does

beauty isDon’t believe the hype from the beauty industry.  There is no standard of beauty.  Don’t think that you have to fit into a mold because there is no standard for us to measure by.   Over the generations the definition of outward beauty has morphed from one trend to another.   Country to country what is considered beautiful varies.


True beauty comes from within, from confidence, self love, personal power, care of other.   When you think of the most beautiful person in your world, bets are that you think of a loved one who would never grace the cover of Cosmo.   I bet the person you are thinking of right now is someone who has touched your life in a loving and profound way.  

You are that kind of beautiful to someone in your life.  What if that is what you saw in the mirror every day?  What if that is what you imagined when you tried on new clothes?  What if the love that you share with the world was your version of a good hair day?

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Following Through on Change

following thu on changeThere are so many ways we make magic in our lives, from focused ritual to being inspired by a new acquaintance and all are bursts of energy that create amazing potentials for change.  It’s after that initial charge that the work begins.   


Intentional magic is great - it helps reprogram your emotions and thoughts, finds the holes in your spirit and fills them up and helps heal the root of the issue.   No magic that you cast or inspire is able to overcome your negative habits if you continue doing those negative habits.   Your free will just yanks that burst of energy out of the universe and consumes it with your bad habits.   You have to change what you do and follow through on the magic to make it really work.


Help yourself change, and grow with the magic you generated.  Light the Success Affirmation candle and help that magic take root in your heart, habits and healing.   Find your daily gratitude and follow through on it and you are destined to grow beyond your limits



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What good is an affirmation?

What good is an affirmationWhen you are in a negative mood, the last thing you want to do is put in your rose colored glasses and play Pollyanna to some fake feeling words.   But that is exactly the remedy that will help you transition from a place of self-defeat into a place of balance and connection.


It’s hard to do.   Right now as I write this blog, it’s hard for me to do as I am in that exact space.   But I know that as I do my affirmations I am lifting myself up in tiny increments and allowing the light back into my soul.   That is what affirmations do, they create an invitation to the Divine to settle more fully into your heart and heal what is bringing disconnection and pain.


Affirmations put you back in control of your emotions and reactions to outside events.   So often the pain caused by actions of others becomes more important than the healing and positive actions you can take.   It’s ok, this happens all the time and we have the cool tool called Affirmation that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own emotional, mental and spiritual state.  We all know that those three states of being then manifest in the physical so if we jump on it early, we can head off some physical illness.  


Affirmations are so powerful that there are psychologists experimenting and proving their viability.   From grade point averages, to reducing stress in high stress jobs, studies all over the world are proving what we spiritual seekers already know.

Affirmations can change your life and it is all in your hands to do so.   Affirmations take you from victim to empowered.  Affirmations fill up your energy reserves to enable to you take the action on what you are manifesting.   Affirmations tell the universe what you want and it responds accordingly.

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Cash, Money, Now! A quick spell for a quick fix!

CASH MONEY NOWWhen money issues show up, they show with a dramatic urgency.  Rent, light bill, filling your gas tank, tuition, loan payments, they all share a life changing urgency if they don’t get paid.   When you are perpetually in survival mode, it’s hard to get spiritual and heal the deeper issue that keeps you in that state of financial lack.


When you are drowning in bills, the last thing you want to do is cast an abundance spell for fear that you will become more abundant in bills!


You need a Cash, Money, Now! spell to get through the crisis and get a moment to de-stress before the next round of bills show up.  The Financial Growth Blessing Kit is perfect for these moments, especially when you add it to the Cosmic Check Spell.


This spell is simple and fast and can be done any time of the month.   Once you are out of crisis, do this every new moon and you will see your finances grow in surprising ways in the future.


Make a list of all the bills you have to pay and all the things you need cash for.  Only list what is in crisis at this moment and then add 10% for anything you forgot about.   Put dates next to each bill.


On a clean, unused piece of paper, draw a blank check .  Make it out to you from the bank of Universal abundance.   In the amount section of the check, put in the amount of money that you need to get out of the crisis and give you a bit extra.  Put in the date you want to be paid by.  On the back of this check sign it like you would a check you were depositing or cashing.   


Put your check under the candles holders and put your list on the fridge or anywhere you will see this list every day.


Light the votives from the Financial Growth Blessing Kit and say out loud how much money you need and the date you need it by.  Let the candles burn for several hours - making sure you do not leave them unattended.

Now start looking for the bits of money that will be flowing in and make sure to use that to pay on the list you created.   If you spend it on something else, the flow will dry up.   As you pay off the listed bill and cover the listed expenses, write across each line, “Thank You”.   You will quickly get through that list and then get the reward at the end.  

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No more holiday Drama!

By Britany Crenshaw

I think we can all admit it family time isn’t always peachy.  With the holiday season right under our noses, we are prone to rising stress levels.  We all step into family gatherings with a preconceived notion (or ideal) of how things will play out.   Yet we forget that everyone is walking in with a similar emotional charge so the gathering can go either way - Better or worse than you expected.

If you’re anything like me, you’re hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas at your house.  Hosting is another ball game all in itself. If it isn’t potluck you have to worry about cooking in addition to making sure everyone is fed, and your area has to be squeaky clean. By the time family and friends come over, you’re trying your hardest to create a genuine smile and start and keep good conversation.

Some holidays seem to be surrounded by stress but we have to remember the power of gratitude this year. All of the chaos and running around can easily distract us from the purpose of the holidays.  Family gatherings are one of the most stressful events for me but as I grow, I’m finding different way to bring serenity, peace and gratitude into myself and into my home and want to share the tools I am using with you.

No more holiday drama


Here are candles we have that assists with achieving that peaceful area in your home and in your everyday life:

Home Blessing - Blessing Kit

A triad of Happy Home, Protection and Stability. Votives burn for 10 hours.

Create an atmosphere of warmth, peace and harmony for yourself and your family with this triad of candles. Allow your good intentions to disperse and transform any stress or tension into expanding love.

Blessing - I light these candles, inviting peace and abundance into this sacred space. I am open and willing to receive these gifts, and I bless all who cross my threshold with this love.


World Magic – Peace

A peaceful white candle with a fragrance that comes from the four corners of the world. Lavender, Cedar, Jasmine, Frankincense and Vanilla 2.5” x 6.5” pillar burns for 80 hours

Nurture the whole of this world with the abundance and plenty that will manifest peace and security. Wash away my fears and the fears of the world that create tyranny and unrest

Bring divine protection to those oppressed and divine intervention for those imprisoned by their own intolerances

Embody our world leaders and their followers with the energy, commitment and clarity of thought to manifest world peace in body, mind spirit for all of humanity.

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Can you handle the truth?

Can you handle the truth“Often, we know the truth but do not want to see it.”   ~ Coventry Creations Blessing Kit

Truth is a very sticky subject, because it is so subjective.  There is your truth, their truth and the universal truth, which is just the facts.   

My truth and your truth rely on our personal filters; our perception of the situation, our experiences, our fears and emotional filters.   What is helpful to one person is interfering to another.  What is the truth when definitions differ?  What is the truth when you don’t want to know what the other perspectives are?

When the truth may be painful, we can hide from it.  When the truth means that we may have to face an old fear or a scary reality we have the super power to deny it.   We have this amazing defense mechanism to hide from us what is too painful to bear, but yet that lie we are protecting can also do irreparable damage.

The best way to find the true facts of a situation and be able to make a healthy decision from this information is to elevate up to the universal level.   When you look at this situation from the 10,000 foot view you can see all the factors that are influencing you and everyone involved.   When you reach beyond your protected and limited perception it is easier to empathize with others, see your own actions that affect it and release the emotional charge that is fueling your confusion.  

Of course we created a product to help you work this healing magic.   The Blessing Kit Truth Spell.

In this kit you get three Power Votives; Needed Change, Problem Solving, Truth and Justice.   These three help you change your perspective, uncover a broader base of information and release the emotions that are keeping you stuck in the fear that the blinds you from the larger truth.

The blessing on the kit says it all:   “Experience, action, perception and emotion blend to form my personal truth. I transcend those limitations and can see the universal reality of my situation.”

Light all the candles at the same time and visualize your challenge from above, looking for all the connections that influence you.  Then find the story that those connections tell you.  From there you can release those emotions and embrace wider understanding.

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Magic x3

magicx3I love the number 3.  There is so much magic in it.  You can go back through time and see how often the number three represents holiness, balance, beginning, wisdom.   The triple goddess, the Holy Trinity, the fates, the three kings.

It is a very uniting number: mother, father, child; past, present, future; birth, life, death; body, mind and spirit.   When we want to make a point, we use three proofs.   At three we can see a pattern.  At three we can triangulate a pin point.

Three is the number where things begin to take shape, it is the force of creative power that takes an idea, through the initial action on the idea and into manifesting.   The perfect number for magic.

We use three votives in our Blessing Kits just for that, to take your idea, wish or intent and bring it out of your head through your initial action and into the place where magic can happen.   We are triangulating the energy to match your intent and speed up the manifesting process.

We started the magic for you and all you need to do is add the intent.

You are welcome…. Now, go make some magic.

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The Gift of Gratitude

gift of gratitude

By Britany Crenshaw

November and December are months that are supposed to be surrounded by gratitude, family and peace. But, it isn’t always completely just that is it? Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to be grateful, eat good food, reminisce with family and friends and at least get a good laugh. Although my holiday festivities do eventually house all of these characteristics, I do bump into a great deal of chaos along the way and I know for a fact I am not the only one.

I have a large family and communication is always easily lost through the grapevine.  Communication is the key to a smooth holiday in my family and for some reason, it’s the only factor that seems to get lost each and every year. Fortunately for my family, it doesn’t matter who didn’t bring what, who said what or who did what at the end of the day because we show an overflow of appreciation and love to end the night each and every year.  It’s easy to complain about things that don’t sit well with us, while forgetting all of things we have been blessed with, big or small. There is something to be said about a family that will argue and disagree but can end the night counting blessings and sharing laughs.

How will you ensure positivity and gratitude during your holiday season?

COventry’s Limited Edition Peace Candle is now available to help ensure that positivity and gratitude are in your inner and outer worlds.   

The Peace Candle is a graceful white candle with a fragrance that comes from the four corners of the world;  Lavender, Cedar, Jasmine, Frankincense and Vanilla.   It is 2.5” x 6.5” pillar burns for 80 hours.  On the label you can find this blessing:

“Nurture the whole of this world with the abundance and plenty that will manifest peace and security. Wash away my fears and the fears of the world that create tyranny and unrest.  Embody our world leaders and their followers with the energy, commitment and clarity of thought to manifest world peace in body, mind spirit for all of humanity. “        

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Furry Friends

By Britany Crenshaw

furry ffriendsI’m one of those pet owners who goes over and beyond for their pets. All four of my dogs get holiday stockings and gifts wrapped in doggy wrapping paper. I get the side eye from a handful of people because I truly treat my dogs like they’re my kids.  They’ve protected, served and have been my best friends since as early as 2005, and they deserve it!  Your pets think very highly of you. You feed them, love them, and talk to them and if you spoil your pets like I do, you clothe them too.

That connection that is shared between humans and their pets is a connection that is unique. They rely on us to care for them and we rely on them for so much more. We look to them to be our judgmental free friends, our ear to listen and to add to this we also want them to be our protectors as well.

Here at Coventry, we carefully constructed a blessing kit especially for the warm welcoming and powerful connection from the owner to the pet. Here’s what we came up with:


Blessing - “You bring comfort, joy, and unconditional love to our family. I wish a treat, a pat, health and happiness for you. Our life together is a reward.”

“Our pets are a blessing that we invite into our home, and into our family. They give us joy and meaning to our lives. With this triad you can return that blessing to them.”


Heart: You and your pet should share a heart to heart connection. That’s where the best friend aspect comes from. Ensure that your pet feels loved and he/she will have your back.

Stability:  Your pet looks forward to your arrival each day, the feeling of security and family is soothing and reassuring to your pet. Before you make the decision to welcome a furry friend into your home, make sure you’re sure.  Just like a child, a pet doesn’t like to be bounced from home to home.  

Happy Home:  Happiness matters. Are the energies in your home welcoming? Your pet can read energies. He/She knows when they aren’t in a happy environment and behaves accordingly.

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