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Drawing Back the Bow of Success: A Witchy Guide to Achieving Your Goals

July2024 WitchesUnion 400How many prosperity spells does it take a witch to reach their goal? 

This sounds like the opening for a dad joke. If so, the punch line would be two. One to get out of your own way and one to manifest your intent. 

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Cosmic Chatter: Zodiac Signs and Their Gossip Styles Unveiled

June2024 WitchesUnionSitting around with a few fellow witches, we were comparing how our different astrological signs viewed gossip. Two of us Virgos were leading the conversation with the statement; “I observe and share my observations.” Hilarity ensued after that and we pegged each sign with their gossip philosophy:

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Spring Growth Spell

April2024 WitchesUnion

Springtime is a season of renewal and rebirth, a perfect time to infuse our lives with fresh energy and new beginnings. Whether you're looking to cultivate personal growth, embark on a new venture, or simply bring more balance and joy into your daily existence, a Spring Growth Spell can be a powerful tool.

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Unveil the Magic: February's "All That Glitters Is Mine" Spell

Feb2024 WitchesUnion 400px

Embrace the Sparkle: February's "All That Glitters Is Mine" Spell from Coventry Creations

February, a month traditionally linked with love and renewal, presents an ideal time to channel energies toward magnetizing happiness, prosperity, and affection. This month, Coventry Creations' Spell Caster Club proudly reintroduces a spell embodying the essence of magnetism and manifestation: "All That Glitters is Mine.

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Dreams Come True- Witches Unions December 2023

Dec2023 WitchesUnion 400sq

December 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

The New Year is quickly approaching, and what better time to focus on making dreams come true!? You need a vision, hard work, and of course a spell to manifest your dreams. We took care of the spell part, the rest is up to you! 

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Witches Union Spell Card November 2023

Nov2023 WitchesUnion 400px

November 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

The Holiday season is upon us, and there is no better time to make sure our homes are ready for all of the festivities! This is the perfect spell to clear out the negative and chaotic energy and allow the positive and cheery energy in! 

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Witches Union Spell Card October 2023

Oct2023 WitchesUnion 400px

October 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

It’s finally the best time of the year, all things spooky, all the time! Although we love dark and scary things this time of year, some things are unwanted. If you are feeling like you need a little extra protection, this Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell might be for you!

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All That Glitters is Mine Spell - Witches Union September 2023

Sep2023 WitchesUnion 400px

September 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Are you overwhelmed with not being able to decide on what to do with all of your wants and ideas? Then this spell is for you! Use the glittery and shiny energy to manifest all of those things you have floating around in your head.

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August 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Aug2023 WitchesUnion 400px

August 2023, Witches Union Spell Card

You have a deadline, a goal, and a small window of time, but your inspiration is missing from your winning formula. It’s time for the Creative Spark Spell to get your inspiration fired up!  

This personal ritual clears you of your creative blocks and invites in the ideas and clarity on how to execute.

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June 2023 Witches Union Spell Card - Golden Ticket Spell

June2023 WitchesUnion

June 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Have you been feeling like you’ve been down on your luck and just need a little boost? Get ready for your luck to turn around, because you just found the Golden Ticket spell! Grab these few things and watch your magic unfold.

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When a calamity and disaster strike April 2023 Spell Caster Club Card

May2023 WitchesUnion

May 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Ca·lam·i·ty - noun - an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster. 


That can describe many moments in life where things seem to be nothing but an ongoing calamity. Yet! You are a magical being, and it’s time to pull up your inner witch and cast that calamity-calming and soothing spell.

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Mercury Retrograde Spell - April 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

April2023 WitchesUnion

We all know things can get a little crazy during a Mercury Retrograde, but it doesn't have to be that way! Use this spell to help ground yourself and make this Mercury Retrodage run a little smoother than the others.

Mercury Retrograde Spell

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Lifetime of Love Spell - March 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

March2023 WitchesUnion

A lifetime of Love Witches Union Spell Card

Every single person wants to love and be loved back by someone. But what if you haven’t found your person yet? Give this month’s Witches Union Spell Caster Club card a shot to help you find your other half! Keep an open mind and you may be surprised.

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Charmed Life Spell Spell - February 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Feb2023 WitchesUnion

Charmed Life Spell Witches Union Spell Card

Part of human nature is always wanting more and only being satiated for a small amount of time. Is it possible to appreciate what we have and build upon it? Absolutely! Multiply your blessings with this month’s Witches Union spell caster club card.

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Do-Over Spell - January 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Jan2023 WitchesUnion

January 2023 - Do-Over Spell Witches Union Spell Card

Oops - that went horribly wrong and you need a do-over to reclaim your integrity, identity, or intention. The Do-Over spell clears away the emotions and energy that keep you hooked into a mistake and allow you to rise above to see the larger picture, the wisdom, and a new path forward from this moment on.

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Dreams Come True Spell - December 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Dec2022 WitchesUnion

December 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Manifesting your dreams is one part vision, one part hard work, and one part spell. We have the perfect spell for you to help you make your dreams come true. 

Dreams Come True Spell


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Witches Union Spell Card September 2022 - Embracing your Shadow Spell

Sep2022 WitchesUnion

September 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Within the shadows, there is relief from the constant heat of the sun. When you work with the shadow side of your spirit you are gifted with an inner strength that you didn’t know existed.   Your shadow side holds those fears you don’t want to face, but also maintain the strength to face those fears.

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Back in the Saddle Spell - August 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Aug2022 WitchesUnion

August 2022 Witches Union Spell Caster Club Card

You have not been your true self lately. It's okay. If you are ready to get back on track, shake off what held you back, and get the spiritual help you need to recover, August's spell is what you need.

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Beautiful Home Spell - July 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

July2022 WitchesUnion

July 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

You deserve a beautiful home, safe from the whirlwind and chaotic energy of the world. Stir up a scentual mixture of herbs and oils to sweeten your space and cleanse the energy. Cast a circle with your enchanting words of power to protect your humble abode.

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Oracle of Delphi - March 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

March2022 WitchesUnion

March 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

When you are ready to dive deep into the psychic realm, the Oracle of Delphi spell will help you gain clarity on what you see and understand what it means in your life. Take it slow and easy and repeat this spell as many times as you need to get the clarity you seek.

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