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Astro Magic Forecast for September 2023

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Astro Magic September 2023

Libra is the sign of relationships, and on the practical level, it is. And although pop astrology focuses on love relationships, the sign of the scales governs all relationships, even relationships with our enemies.

But what is the undercurrent of the sign of the scales? 

In Greek Myth, there's a story about a young shepherd boy named Paris. Zeus randomly chooses him to judge who was the most beautiful Olympian goddess. The contestants were Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, and each of the three goddesses bribe Paris based upon their divine attributes. Hera offers Paris world dominance, Athena offers him strategy in war, and Aphrodite drops her magic girdle and offers Paris the most beautiful woman in the world. But, of course, since Paris is a young man ruled by his hormones, and without worldly sophistication, he chooses Aphrodite and is given Helen of Troy as his prize. 

The Judgment of Paris is not a story about love, despite its surface-level storyline. Paris' prize, Helen of Troy, was already married, and their illicit affair caused the Trojan War. So, the story is about human choices, and on its deepest level, so is the sign of Libra. 

This month, our choices matter, so we need to make them carefully! 


5 Magical Ways to Make the Most Out of Libra Season 


1.  Air Magic:  Libra is an air sign, and the element of air is associated with the rational intellect and our ability to communicate our thoughts and ideas. So, pay close attention to what you say, because, like it or not, your words are magical – they can heal or destroy. One of the easiest ways to perform air magic is journaling. The act of using a pen to channel words onto paper is a magical art that doesn't get enough fanfare, but it works, and it works well. Also, incantations, prayers, blessings, and saying a spell are all forms of air magic. Tools you may want to include are pens, pencils, paper, markers, feathers, incense, and grimoires.
Recommended:  Mercury (Astro Magic), Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal), Answers (Chakra Magic). 

2.  Attraction Magic: Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra, and one of the attributes she excels at is attraction. Whether it's men, money, or beautiful adornments, Venus doesn't seek out what she wants; it comes to her. So, likewise, we can use attraction magic to bring us what we desire. Be careful of what you wish for.
Recommended:  Venus (Astro Magic),  Prosperity (Affirmation),  Wicked Good Peppermint Oil. 

3.  Love Magic:  Love makes the world go round, and the sign of Libra has something to say about it. We can use Libra's powerful discernment to help bring us better relationships. Just make sure you are VERY specific, and be sure you request a human being. But, if you want to bring love into your life or improve an existing relationship, Libra season can help you.
Recommended:  Love’s Enchantment (Blessed Herbal),  Venus (Astro Magic), Love (Chakra Magic) 

4.  Business Magic: If you own a business, you have business relationships and maybe some strategic partnerships. The sign of Libra governs all these relationships. You can use Libra season to attract new business relationships, improve existing ones, and eliminate ones you no longer need. Pro tip: Your customers are also a relationship.
Recommended: Lakshmi (World Magic), Prosperity (Affirmation),  Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal)

5.  Legal Magic:  Since Libra rules legal matters and justice, you can use the energy of the season to get the upper hand. So, whether you are resolving legal issues or starting legal proceedings, this is the time to do it.
Recommended: Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal), Mercury (Astro Magic),  Jupiter (AstroMagic)


Cosmic Weather Forecast

September is a curious month, because there are no martial (Mars) or Saturnian (Saturn) aspects. So, with the two malefics sitting on the shelf, it should make way for a pretty easy month. However, remember that Mercury is retrograde through the first half of September.

Notable Dates

September 3, 2023Venus Direct in Leo – After 40 days and 40 nights of being retrograde, Venus turns direct in Leo. Relationship issues begin to resolve themselves.

September 8, 2023 Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus – One of the most positive days of the year.  Optimism abounds. Use this ‘lucky’ aspect to level up!

September 25, 2023Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus – Use the power of positive thinking to set your intentions.

September 30, 2023Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus – Pay close attention to your ideas, inspirations, and intuition. You might just discover the next ‘big thing’.

Storm Watch

September 17, 2023Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus – Although this is generally a positive aspect, avoid doing anything excessive or making impulsive purchases.

September 19, 2023 The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces – Low energy day with a side dish of brain fog. Avoid making major decisions.

September 29, 2023Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus – Relationship issues reach a climax. Be as flexible as possible with your partners. 


Lunar Magic

New Moon Magic

The New Moon this month occurs in the sign of Virgo on September 14th. This New Moon is about putting your life in order.  It’s an excellent month to develop systems, focus on health and personal well-being, hire staff, and even find a new job. So, use this energy to create order out of chaos and build a strong and more durable you.

Recommended:  Healing (Blessed Herbal),  Heart (Blessed Herbal),  Attraction (Blessed Herbal),  New Moon (Astro Magic)

Full Moon in Aries:

The Full Moon in Aries occurs on October 20th. The Full Moon in Aries is a two-week cycle of letting go of personal attributes that we may not like about ourselves or are no longer effective.  Are there any individual behaviors that you would like to let go of?  Oh, and news flash – we all have them! This work is not easy, but the fruits of your internal work will pay off in the end.

RecommendedLet It Go! (Full Moon - Astro Magic), Inner Balance (Blessed Herbal),  Goddess (Affirmation)


Weekly Breakdown

September 4, 2023 – September 10, 2023

Overall, the first week of September looks bright. On Monday, before Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus, he trines Mercury — inspiring us to take an introspective look at our goals and big-picture objectives. This is a great time to explore all the options available to us and make informed choices. Business opportunities could also be in the cards. However, I recommend you wait until Mercury goes direct on September 15th before signing any documents. Later in the day, Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus — a period of reflection and refocusing our goals to match our current needs. Taking some time now to review your plans could help ensure they are still aligned with your life’s journey.

On Wednesday, we hit the middle of the Mercury Rx cycle, which started on August 23rd when Mercury went retrograde in Virgo. Normally, when the Sun and Mercury meet, it's a time of lots of chit-chat and planning for the future. But since Mercury is retrograde, this is your chance to have some 'me' time and assess the changes you've gone through since May, when this aspect was last around. Use it wisely to figure out if there are any tweaks you want to make in your life. Now's the time to course correct if you need to!

This weekend is packed with potential, as the Sun trines Jupiter, one of the luckiest and most positive days of the year. Harness this energy to help you reach your long-term objectives or try something new that expands your horizons. Embrace this opportunity to use your creative thought processes and make good things happen! Just be aware on Sunday morning when intense feelings may arise due to the Moon opposing Pluto. Acknowledge your emotions, but don’t let them overpower you. 

RecommendedMercury (Astro Magic),  Crown of Success (Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate), Everything and Then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo)


September 11, 2023 – September 17, 2023

The second week of September is chill and laid back. It starts with the Moon moving through Leo on Monday, and she makes lovely aspects to Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. It's an excellent day to go after what you want, and you will have enough increased confidence to help you succeed at anything you want to achieve. The vibe on Monday is optimistic and joyful, so make sure you enjoy it! On Tuesday, the Moon squares Uranus. Expect the unexpected and try to avoid reactive or negative mindsets.

Ordinarily, I would not write about a New Moon in the weekly forecast, since I cover it elsewhere. However, this New Moon in Virgo is special, because it activates a lucky grand trine in the element of Earth. Earth is about the physical world, and everything that we can see, feel, and touch. So, this New Moon gives us the opportunity to reboot and put our best foot forward by taking control of our lives, making things happen, and getting results.

This weekend, Mercury turns direct in Virgo.  You can expect communication issues to slowly clear up over the next two weeks, and you can begin to make travel plans again.  Additionally, you can sign documents and make major business decisions at this time. On Sunday, Venus squares Jupiter in Taurus. Venus square Jupiter is a gentle aspect that encourages you to enjoy your life and have a little fun. However, since the aspect is a square, avoid being excessive. 

RecommendedNew Moon (Astro Magic),Everything and Then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo)Crown of Success (Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate)


September 18, 2023 – September 24, 2023

The week starts on Tuesday, with the Sun opposing Neptune in Pisces. It's a day where you might feel low on energy, and it may be harder to stay positive or keep away from negative influences. This isn't an ideal time for big decisions, so focus instead on getting clear about your personal needs. Take some time out to assess how things are going in your life – what could use a bit of work? Reflect on the areas that need improvement, and take it slow. That way, you can start afresh with renewed clarity.

If you do the inner work required on Tuesday, you can take advantage of the Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn that occurs midweek. The Sun trine Pluto helps you discover what you are seeking in your life and the changes that you need to make your life more fruitful. This potent energy helps you level up, so make sure you take advantage of it. 

This weekend, besides Libra season starting on Saturday morning, we have the Moon moving through Capricorn. The Moon makes favorable aspects to Mercury and Jupiter, so business activities are highlighted.  However, be prepared on Saturday evening, as the Moon squares troublesome Mars, and you may find yourself at odds with someone else. This energy continues into Sunday, as the Moon’s last aspect in Capricorn is a conjunct to Pluto. Emotions may become intense, so try to manage them effectively.

Recommended:  Curse Breaker (The Sun – Astro Magic), Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal)Inner Balance (Blessed Herbal)


September 25, 2023 – October 1, 2023

The week starts on Monday, as Mercury forms a beneficial trine to Jupiter in Taurus. Optimism abounds, and your focus will be on paving your way to a brighter future. Mercury trine Jupiter is also excellent for business, including forging deals and signing contracts.  

Towards the middle of the week, the Moon moves through creative Pisces. The Moon makes a favorable aspect to Jupiter, so if you have projects that need a bit of creative oomph, take advantage of this energy. On Thursday, the Moon sextiles Uranus, conjoins Neptune, and sextiles Pluto. Expect the unexpected and a noticeable increase in your intuition. Listen to your gut, because it will rarely be wrong.

This weekend is busy, astrologically speaking. Besides the Full Moon in Aries, Venus forms a tense square to Uranus.  If you are going through relationship issues, the problems may reach a climax this weekend, leading you to make decisions that may impact your future. You need to approach relationships with considerable flexibility, or long-term complications will become likely. On Sunday, expect your mind to go into overdrive as Mercury trines Uranus. It’s a great weekend to break free of your usual routine and have some fun.

Recommended:  Lucky Star (Jupiter – Astro Magic),  Do You! (The Moon – Astro Magic), Protection (Blessed Herbal)

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