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Astro Magic Forecast for April 2023

April2023 AstroMagic

Astro Magic for April 2023

Welcome to the month of April. This month, we do not have any significant sign changes. However, we do have the beginning of eclipse season, and the initial shift of eclipses from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra. Additionally, Mercury is in retrograde later in the month.

Let’s dive into all the magical goodies this month has to offer.

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Taurus Season

  1. Earth Magic: How often do you use skin lotions to keep your skin soft and youthful? For many, it’s part of their daily routine. Did you know when you were slathering those creams all over your body, you were doing earth magic? Well, now you do! The element of earth includes everything that you can see, feel, and touch. So, gemstones, crystals, plants, herbs, lotions, potions, creams, and salves are all part of the earth element. When the Sun is in an earth sign, it’s time to get out our physical tools and use them. It’s also an excellent time to do grounding work and connect with nature.
    Recommended: Venus (Astro Magic), Wicked Good Oils, Goddess (Affirmation Candles)

  2. Protection Magic:  The sign of Taurus has a natural affinity with money, resources, and possessions. One of the most popular magic spells involves bringing finances or money into our lives. But how many people perform magic to protect the resources they already have? Well, Taurus season is the perfect time to do it. Whether it is your finances, property, or possessions, working protection magic will help keep negative influences away and allow you to continue to thrive.
    Recommended: Protection (Blessed Herbal Candles), Flying Monkey (Wicked Witch Mojo), Home Blessing (Blessing Kit)

  3. Money Magic: In addition to resources, possessions, and property, Taurus is associated with money. If you need to attract prosperity into your life, use the energy this month has to offer to bring about ‘prosperity’ consciousness, and then you can enjoy the benefits. Think big, but be realistic!
    Recommended: Venus (Astro Magic), Witch’s Purse (Witch’s Brew), Quick Cash (Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate)

  4. Healing Magic:  Since the biggest possession we own is our bodies, Taurus season is excellent for doing healing work, especially if you use the many tools that the earth has given us. You can do this type of work with crystals and gemstones, teas with healing properties, and salves that contained essential oils (make sure you are not allergic to them first, so do a skin test).
    Recommended: The Moon (Astro Magic), Healing Rx(Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate), Healing (Chakra Magic)

  5. Kitchen Magic:  Food is something that we all need – every. single. day. It’s the gasoline our bodies need to continue to run properly. But did you know that food also has magical properties? Since I come from an Italian background, herbs, and spices are a staple in our dishes. Bay leaves are used for protection, garlic is used for healing, and oregano is used for happiness and love. Other cultures, of course, use many varieties of herbs and spices to magically enhance their food. For example, turmeric is used in India to reduce inflammation and attract happiness and abundance. So, the next time you whip up that special dish, try to be cognizant of its otherworldly benefits. Pro tip: Did you know that a spoon is a magic wand? Use wooden spoons frequently to inject your intentions into soups, stews, and sauces.
    Recommended: The Moon (Astro Magic), Home Blessing (Affirmation), Protection (Blessed Herbal)


Cosmic Overview

There are many stories that you can associate with Taurus – King Midas, Ferdinand the Bull, and many fairytales, which all fit the bill. However, I feel that the myth of King Minos of Crete is perhaps one of the most important.

King Minos is the son of Zeus and Europa, who had to compete with his two siblings to ascend to the throne of one of the wealthiest islands of Greece. Minos claimed the throne by divine right, since his father, the king of the gods Zeus, pursued Europa and impregnated her in the form of a bull. Minos prayed to his uncle Poseidon to send a bull out of the sea to seal the deal and agreed to sacrifice the bull in his honor. Poseidon granted Minos’ request and sent a beautiful bull, which Minos immediately desired. But, instead of sacrificing the bull in the god's honor, he added the bull to his herd. He then deceptively sacrificed another bull to the god of the seas. 

Poseidon was not amused and sent Aphrodite (the ruler of Taurus) to inflict Queen Pasiphae (Minos’s wife) with lust for the bull. Pasiphae instructs the craftsman Daedalus to create her a cow that she could climb into. Once completed, she entered the wooden cow, and then the bull entered her. Nine months later, she gave birth to a half-man/half-bull creature called the Minotaur. 

Minos felt deep shame for his sins and had Daedalus (this guy suffers his own breakdown later because of his participation, which could symbolize our need to stick to our personal values rather than the values of others) create a structure known as the Labyrinth to house the Minotaur, and each month a virgin boy and girl were sent into the Labyrinth to feed the beast.

Now, of course, this is a rather twisted story, but there is a core to the story that gives us a glimpse into Taurus. Crete is an exceptionally wealthy country, and in its vast abundance and potent fertile lands lies a beast that threatens to devour the landscape unless it is ‘contained’. Perhaps, the Minotaur lives within each of us, and during Taurus season, we need to sort through what we possess and our motivations for obtaining it. Furthermore, we may need to look at our stewardship over our money and resources, and are we maintaining it and using it appropriately, or are we wasting it by feeding an inner minotaur?


Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

On April 3rd, Mercury moves out of impulsive Aries and into steady Taurus. Mercury in Taurus understands life through our value system and ability to acquire resources, one of which is money. While Mercury is in Taurus, a review of our values brings us a deeper understanding into our life experiences. In some cases, some of our values we hold dear, and in other cases, our values may have shifted or changed over time. But, by understanding our value system, we can then make changes and adjustments to our character, which leads to inner authenticity.

Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 21st. Outworn attitudes and changes in our value system will become shockingly apparent, and as we notice these changes, we can self-correct. Furthermore, since Mercury in Taurus also reflects our understanding of money and material resources, this retrograde cycle is perfect to get your finances in order.

Now, I want to discuss something that I haven’t written much about regarding Mercury retrograde. 


Ok, I said it!

Since Mercury retrograde has become part of the mainstream vernacular, it’s also come with new memes and posts that focus primarily on reasons we should FEAR the communication god, rather than use the cycle as a reflective period. Also, two shadow stages have been added that are of “equal” value to the Mercury Rx cycle. Mercury has become a 9-week cycle, and since there are 3-4 Mercury Rx cycles a year, that is 27-36 weeks. Or based on the ideals of the shadow fanatics, the cycle influences us for half a year or more. 

That is simply exhausting and unnecessary!

Mercury retrograde does come with its apparent issues, all listed in the Mercury Rx Dirty Dozen below, but life doesn’t stop because a planet goes retrograde. Sometimes, you have to make choices, take action, and even sign legal documents when Mercury is retrograde. It’s being aware that planets may occur that is key. You can then make alternative plans if Mercury acts up.

As far as the shadow period is concerned, like the lead-up to anything, be aware that Mercury is about to turn retrograde or was recently retrograde, and make plans accordingly, but don’t be afraid of it. 


Mercury Rx Dirty Dozen! Tips and Tricks to Wrangling the Trickster God

  1. Make sure you go over anything contractual thoroughly. Make sure all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed. Then, if you can get away with it, wait until after the retrograde to sign on the dotted line. 
  1. Avoid starting anything new. New projects tend to have communication problems and mishaps when initiated during this process.
  1. Put a watch on your tongue. (If it is not worth saying, don't say it)
  1. Check your vehicles for any potential problems. Before Mercury goes retrograde is the best time for a service call. 
  1. Avoid buying real estate or renting apartments. Usually, this means you will move again during a future Mercury Rx. 
  1. Using mail delivery services that offer tracking and insurance – especially now, since the Post Office has still not recovered from the pandemic.
  1. Check, recheck, and check again any travel plans you have or appointments on the books. 
  1. If you do travel, don't take anything of importance or value. Only bring items that you do not care if they are lost or stolen.
  1. Expect people from the past to resurface. However, once they crawl out of whatever cavern they came from, proceed with caution.
  1. Back up all electronic devices.
  1. Avoid buying an automobile. 
  1. Mercury Rx is a great time to scour places (online and offline) for great deals!


April Highlights

Notable Highlights

April 7, 2023 – Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces – Excellent day for romance and creative projects.

April 14, 2023 – Sun conjoined Jupiter in Aries – One of the most positive days of the year, and despite Venus squaring Saturn on the same day, the Sun conjoined Jupiter is optimistic and lucky.

April 25, 2023 – Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces – Great for bringing projects to a conclusion and getting approval from authority figures.


Storm Watch

April 3, 2023 – Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius – Avoid pushing your ideas and opinions on others, it may backfire.

April 14, 2023 – Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces – Feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Push past negative mindsets.

April 25, 2023 – Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius – Difficulties with authority figures. You may need to stand your ground, especially if outside forces are trying to control you.


Lunar Magic

Full Moon in Libra

The monthly lunation cycles occur in four phases, but for simplicity in the astrology forecast, I focus on the two most important. The cycle begins at the New Moon and reaches its peak at the Full Moon. After the moment the Full Moon occurs, we begin preparing for the next New Moon. However, the astrological purposes of the Full Moon (it's an opposition aspect) reflect the challenges and obstacles that may be limiting the development of the New Moon.

This month, the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Libra on April 6, 2023. Libra is about relationships – all of them. So, we face the people in our lives that may be limiting our growth. This is a propitious time to rid yourself of relationships that are not feeding your soul or assisting your personal growth. Since Libra is also one of the signs that governs legal matters, resolving potential legal hassles is also recommended. 

Recommended: Let It Go (Full Moon - Astro Magic), That Bitch! (Venus - Astro Magic), Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal)


Solar Eclipse in Aries

The New Moon in Aries happens on April 20, 2022, and it’s a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are potent New Moons that can be troublesome. All you have to do is watch the headlines, and eclipse event after eclipse event will appear. Because eclipses are so potent and need a lot of finesse and experience to work with them magically, I do not recommend any aggressive magic. Instead, I recommend protection and cleansing-based magic.

Recommended: Protection (Blessed Herbal), Tornado Alley (Wicked Witch Mojo), Curse Breaker (The Sun - Astro Magic)


Weekly Breakdown

April 3, 2023 – April 9, 2023

The beginning of the week brings a direct confrontation with your values and experiences as Mercury leaves Aries and moves into Taurus. Mercury then immediately forms a tense square to Pluto in Aquarius. Mercury in Taurus needs direct experience to form an opinion. When Mercury is in the sign of the bull, he avoids basing his understanding of life on assumptions and gut feelings. In Taurus, Mercury needs the REAL DEAL!  However, our understanding of our experiences may shift and change over time, and this dovetails into Mercury’s square to Pluto in Aquarius. Mercury square Pluto reflects the need to shift our ideas if our current understanding of life is no longer working. Needless to say, this is an excellent time to get in touch with yourself and understand the reasons you do the things you do. Just avoid pushing your thoughts and ideas on others, because they will likely not be receptive.

The middle of the week adds an action step to the beginning of the week when Mercury sextiles Saturn in Pisces. Your mind is on serious matters, and it’s an auspicious time to fix the areas of your life that need work. While Mercury is sextile Saturn, it’s easier to see what works and what doesn't, and this allows you to take action and change things up. Additionally, the Full Moon on Thursday in Libra helps resolve relationship issues, as well.

This weekend should be peaceful, as Venus sextiles Neptune. Love, love, love is in the air on Friday, and it’s the perfect time to connect with your partner. You may experience a deeper soul union with those you love, which could enhance your relationships. On Saturday, Mercury is back in the saddle again as he forms a sextile to Mars in Cancer. You will notice an increase in your confidence, and it’s time for you to take charge of your life. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want!

Recommended: Truth Serum (Mercury – AstroMagic), Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Love Me (Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate)


April 10, 2023 – April 16, 2023

The week starts with Venus moving out of Taurus and into Gemini. Venus in Gemini needs to be social and relate to others through thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You will find that the more you share with others, the more enriched your relationships will be. After moving into Gemini, Venus will quickly trine Pluto in Aquarius. Your experiences with others may be intense, but these experiences will improve your relationships, and provide you with deeper insight into your own motives. Finally, on Tuesday, the Sun conjoins lucky Jupiter, so your mood at the beginning of the week should be positive and uplifting.

The middle of the week features the Moon moving through dutiful Capricorn. It’s time to get back to the seriousness of life and take care of your duties and responsibilities. This is an excellent time to make headway on a project or task that needs focus and attention. Forget the outside noise and get down to the ‘business’ of living.

Be on guard this weekend as Venus slams into Saturn in Pisces. You may feel lonely and filled with self-doubt. Try not to project your insecurities on your relationships, and be mindful when interacting with others.

Recommended: That Bitch (Venus – AstroMagic), Everything and then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo), Emotional Balance (Blessed Herbal)


April 17, 2023 – April 23, 2023

Buckle your seat belt, because the third week of April brings the beginning of eclipse season and the first eclipse of 2023. Eclipse energies are intense, and since this is a solar eclipse, you can expect a lot of activity on the world stage.

The week begins with the Moon moving through empathetic Pisces. Your compassion for others will be kicked into high gear, and you may find that you are called upon to help someone in need. The Moon in Pisces is also the perfect time to do charity work. On Tuesday, the Moon moves through energetic Aries and forms a lovely sextile to cooperative Venus. The Moon sextile Venus is a good time to collaborate with others and form strategic alliances because lady luck is on your side. However, try not to be too forceful with the Moon squaring Mars during the evening hours. Tensions could easily rise, and this could cause arguments and disagreements. 

Besides the solar eclipse in Aries, the middle of the week brings us the Sun moving out of the sign of the ram and into Taurus. Taurus season is about formulating values and discarding ones that no longer work for you. After the Sun moves into Taurus, he forms a difficult aspect to Pluto in Aquarius. You may come face to face with the areas of your life that are not working well and are forced to make changes, even if you don’t want to. It’s time to let go of the old and embrace the new. Although it may be difficult, you will be better off for it.

This weekend, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus. Since Taurus is associated with money and finances, this is an excellent time to put your fiscal situation into perspective, trim the fat, and revise past financial decisions. This Mercury retrograde is perfect for renegotiating interest rates and loans.

RecommendedMercury Rx Neutralizer (Astro Magic), Reversal (Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate), Transitions (Blessing Kit)


April 24, 2023 – April 30, 2023

The last week of April starts with the Moon void of course in Gemini most of the day on Monday. During the void of course Moon, it’s best to avoid starting anything new or making firm decisions, because normally nothing will come of the matter. On Tuesday, the Sun forms a beneficial sextile to Saturn. This is the most opportune time of the month to get things done and bring projects to a conclusion. Furthermore, since the Sun and Saturn are both associated with authority figures, this is a propitious time to put forth your best effort if you are seeking a promotion or a raise.

The middle of the week brings the Moon in Leo. While the Moon is in the sign of the lion, she makes several difficult aspects, including an opposition to Pluto, and squares to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. You may feel overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control, but try to avoid negative mindsets. Push away negative thoughts if they surface.

After a rather serious week, this weekend Mars sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Any aspect between Mars and Uranus is impulsive and unpredictable, but you can use this energy to your advantage by shaking up your life – just a little bit! You may need to seek out new experiences that stimulate you and make you feel alive. You will also need to connect with the people in your life who walk to the beat of a different drummer. The main takeaway is doing something that feeds your soul in new and unique ways. 

RecommendedCurse Breaker (The Sun – AstroMagic), Crown of Success (Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate), Muse (Blessing Kit)


Meet Storm at For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology. A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars. Meet Patty Shaw at

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