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Astro Magic Forecast for January 2023

Jan2023 AstroMagic

Astro Magic for January 2023 

For the past three years, we have gone through intense astrological energies. First, Saturn conjoined Pluto in 2020, followed by Jupiter conjoining Saturn in Aquarius. Then, in 2021, we began a two-year cycle of Saturn square Uranus in Taurus.

Of course, we saw some curious and interesting times, to say the least! 

However, it’s a new year, and January begins on a calm note. There are a few trouble spots with Venus conjoining Saturn and squaring Uranus, which could put relationships and financial concerns in the spotlight. 

Aquarius Season 

In 1969, the American pop group, the 5th Dimension, released their fourth album called “The Age of Aquarius.” Here is an example of the lyrics from the title track: 

“When the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will rule the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” 

Now, whether we have moved into the Age of Aquarius is a controversial astrological subject that I don’t care to debate. But since 1969, a quick perusal of the headlines in The New York Times shows that things have been less than peaceful, and the era of brotherhood and light seems to have passed us by or simply never arrived. Regardless, the 5th Dimension with their hopefully optimistic progressive sentiments was tapping into something much larger than them. They were tapping into the true spirit of Aquarius, which is perhaps more dynamic than pop music can describe. 

In modern astrology, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. However, in myth, there is very little known about this sky deity, except that he is the antagonist of the Saturn myth, and he is a creator god unhappy with the manifestation of his progeny. So much so, he banished them to the pits of Tartarus (hell). Yet, there is another figure in myth that seems to reflect the hopeful spirit of Aquarius, the Titan Prometheus.

There are several Greek tales featuring Prometheus. He is associated with science, developing new technologies, mathematics, esoteric knowledge, healing, and the development of civilization. Certain Greek poets accredit Prometheus with creating man out of clay with an assist from the goddess Athena. But he is mostly known for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind. Of course, the theft of fire enraged Zeus, and he sentenced Prometheus to eternal torment. Prometheus lived out his days chained to a rock, while an eagle (Zeus’ symbol) ate his liver.

But what was the big deal about fire, and why did the gods want to hold onto it? In Greek myth, fire is the one element that separated divinity from human beings. Symbolically speaking, fire is the element associated with inspiration, intuition, and foresight. It’s through our inspiration that we can create and come up with answers to everyday problems. Here is the rub – if humans could create on their own, why would they continue to worship ambivalent gods? In retaliation, Zeus instructed Hephaistos, the smith god, to create an object that would be irresistible to mankind, and he created the first woman, Pandora. Pandora, of course, unleashes all the nasties into the world. So, amid calamities, pestilence, and human and natural atrocities, Zeus assured godly worship would continue. Humankind would seek their favor or mercy. Luckily, hope was trapped in Pandora’s box and would be the one thing mortals had left to hold on to.

Now, on the personal level, the Sun moving into the sign of Aquarius sparks our revolutionary spirit to oppose limiting structures and band together to create a better future. Aquarius season is about unity and collaboration, rather than individual pursuits. The sign of the water bearer urges us to work together towards a common goal that positively adds to the human experience. We can do this through technological advancements, joining interest groups or causes we believe in, and realizing that many are greater than individual parts. Through this seasonal Aquarian process, together we become the masters of our own destiny, and like the mythic Prometheus, we can change the world. 

Recommended CandlesSaturn (AstroMagic) – used to banish limiting structures, Energy and Will (Blessed Herbal), Ganesha (World Magic)


5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Aquarius Season 

1.  Air Magic:  Aquarius is a member of the air element, and one of the easiest ways to tap into the season is by doing a little air magic. Astrologically, air is thoughts, ideas, and the written and spoken word. This is an excellent time to do journaling, affirmations, write blessings, and even pray to your higher power. There are excellent resources on the web to help you tap into this elemental power. All you need to do is cruise over to your favorite search engine and start your journey. 

RecommendedMercury (Astro Magic), Problem Solving (Blessed Herbal), Ancestor (Blessed Herbal)


2.  Needed Change:  Since Aquarius is about rattling the cage of the establishment, we can use this energy to rattle the cage or our ‘personal establishment’. As humans, we are comfortable with our habits, even ones that may diminish the value of your life. So, if there is an area of your life that isn’t working properly or troubling, shake things up. Release the old and embrace the new.

RecommendedNeeded Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Jupiter (Astro Magic), Transitions (Blessing Kit)


3.  Gotta Have Your Friends:  When the going gets tough, it’s best to have your circle of besties around to help you navigate through difficult times. Aquarius season lets you tap into your inner ‘Thelma and Louise’ and attract people aligned with your greater good, and maybe get rid of those that don’t. 

RecommendedAttraction (Blessed Herbal), Saturn (Astro Magic), Soulmate (Affirmation)


4.  Networking:  This is the little sister of friendship magic. Aquarius season is about groups and unity. You can use this season to find groups that you are aligned with or participate in causes you believe in. It’s also the season to find your inner circle – a group of like-minded people that help you become the best version of you that you can be.

Recommended:  Empowered (Chakra Magic), Muse (Blessing Kit), Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal) 


5.  Communication Magic:  I saved the best for last because communication issues easily happen. Since Mercury retrograde occurs right before Aquarius season, keeping communication lines clear may be more important than ever. You can use Aquarius season to reopen communications with someone you’ve had a falling out with, a person you have lost touch with, or to repair broken relationships that may need a little assistance. 

Recommended Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer (Astro Magic), Healing Rx (Aunt Jacki), Van Van (Aunt Jacki) 


January Highlights

January 12: Mars turns direct in Gemini! Your get-up-and-go will return as energy levels begin to increase. Also, your interpersonal relationships with people will become easier, because you will be less agitated by their actions. 

January 18: Mercury turns direct in Capricorn. Communication issues will subside, and you can begin to make plans and start new projects. It’s also the perfect time to get your car tuned up or serviced. 

January 24: The Sun in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries. One of the luckiest days of the year. Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you at this time. They will likely pay off in spades!


Storm Watch 

January 1: Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Intense feelings may cause issues in relationships. Try to avoid being manipulative or controlling your partner, because it will likely backfire. 

January 14: Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. Disruptive Uranus causes havoc in relationships. You or your partner(s) may have the urge to break free from traditional relationship rules. Try to be honest about the reality of your relationship, and if it is too toxic, LET IT GO! 

January 18: The Sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Transformative experiences may ultimately be a game changer. Let go of the old and embrace the new. 

January 22: Venus conjoins Saturn in Aquarius. Feelings of self-doubt and insecurities in relationships may surface. Push past negative thoughts. 

Lunar Magic 

Full Moon in Cancer 

The Full Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer on January 6th. This Full Moon is in tight opposition to Mercury in Capricorn, and it is time to focus on whether our ideas about family and security need an update. Family issues from the past may resurface, especially if conflicts occurred because of miscommunication. Try to clean up your side of the street as much as possible. Furthermore, you may need to explore what makes you feel safe and secure and make modifications in your life if your current needs are not met. 

Overall, Cancer Full Moons are a wonderful time to work through family-of-origin issues (early childhood issues) or to let go of emotional pain and past hurts. It’s also excellent for healing work and ridding yourself of health issues. So, if you need to let something go emotionally, this is the Full Moon to get it done and over with, once and for all. 

Recommended Candles: Full Moon (Astro Magic), Heart (Blessed Herbal), Healing Rx (Aunt Jacki).


New Moon in Aquarius

On January 21st, we reach the heart of Aquarius season with the New Moon. This is an extremely social New Moon that’s excellent for building your network and circle of friends. It’s also perfect for joining groups or organizations with people with like-minded ideas and beliefs. The sign of Aquarius is about progress, and it is always wise to surround yourself with people that support your personal vision and leave the haters behind. 

Recommended New Moon (Astro Magic), Love/Attraction (Blessed Herbal), Everything and then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo) 


Weekly Breakdown 

January 2, 2023 – January 8, 2023 

Despite Venus conjoining Pluto on New Year’s Day, the first week of January is favorable, and you should take advantage of the energy while it is available. 

We start the week off on Monday, with Mercury forming a peaceful sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Mercury sextile Neptune is excellent for creative projects, artistic endeavors, spiritual activities, or just enjoying a good movie. Later on Monday, Venus moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. You may feel that you need some breathing room in relationships, not because there are problems, but because you need individual freedom. Use this time to figure out what makes you unique and individual, because the more you are authentically yourself, the more you have to offer others. 

The middle of the week is excellent for financial investments and money matters, as Venus sextiles Jupiter. Just remember Mercury is retrograde and try to avoid making firm decisions until after it turns direct on January 18th. Also, Venus sextile Jupiter is the perfect time to enjoy some indulgences and pleasure in life, but don’t get too crazy. On Thursday, the Sun forms a beneficial trine to Uranus in Taurus. It’s a great time to explore new things, break away from your usual routine, and shake things up a little. 

This weekend, besides the Full Moon in Cancer occurs on Friday, the rest of the weekend continues the trend earlier in the week. The Sun conjoins Mercury Rx on Saturday. The Sun conjunct Mercury is excellent for social activities and getting together with your inner circle. On Sunday, Mercury trine Uranus, and again it’s time to explore new things and find new activities and other interests that excite you. 

Recommended Candles: Venus (Astro Magic), Everything and Then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo), Success (Affirmation)


January 9, 2023 – January 15, 2023 

The second week of the New Year starts with a positive aspect between Venus and Mars (Venus trine Mars). Personally, when Venus trines Mars, it’s the perfect time to go after what you want and get the results you desire. Unlike other martial aspects, Venus tempers Mars’ aggressive tendencies, so you can be direct and find that people are receptive to your wants and desires. On the relationship front, Venus trine Mars is a sexy aspect that increases your libido, and it’s an excellent time for a date night, and then SOME!

The middle of the week brings us to the end of the Mars retrograde cycle. For those who have experienced lower than normal energy levels, you can expect they will return to normal over the next few weeks. You will also notice that your emotions and reactions to others will be easier to control. 

The weekend begins on Friday, with the Sun forming a lovely sextile to Neptune. Your intuition will be heightened, and you will be more sensitive to the needs of those around you. You may be called upon to assist someone in need, especially with health-related matters or emotional support. However, Saturday brings us an entirely different ball of wax, as Venus forms a tense square to Uranus. Unresolved relationship issues may surface. If you’ve felt restrained or restricted by others, there may be an urge to break free, or someone may have the urge to break free from you. Just remember, the more flexible you are with others, the better this transit will be. 

Recommended: Love’s Enchantment (Blessed Herbal), Mars (Astro Magic), Healing Rx (Aunt Jacki)


January 16, 2023 – January 22, 2023 

The third week of January is the toughest week of the month. We start the week off with the Moon moving through Scorpio. On Monday, the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Venus. You may feel overwhelmed by workplace politics or other covert shady behavior, which could put you in a precarious position with others. Old alliances may fall to the side, and new ones may form. Stay true to your values and avoid people pleasing. 

On Wednesday, Mercury ends its retrograde cycle in Capricorn. Communication with others will slowly improve, and you can begin to follow through on actions you put off during the retrograde cycle. Also, the Sun forms its annual conjunction with Pluto. If an area of your life is broken, this is a great day to work towards repairing whatever ails you. Pluto gives you the ability to dig deep and get to the root of the problem, rather than just put a band-aid on surface issues. 

The weekend begins with the Sun moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. This is an excellent time for you to review your social circle and purge any groups, acquaintances, or friendships that are no longer adding value to your life. It’s also a good time to get involved with any causes that you truly believe in. Your voice matters, and it is amplified when you join like-minded individuals and build bridges that ultimately create change. On Sunday, Venus conjoins Saturn, which is a bit of a downer aspect. You may feel isolated and alone, and like nothing in your life is working. Push away negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, because tomorrow is another day. 

RecommendedMercury Retrograde Neutralizer (Astro Magic), Healing Rx (Aunt Jacki), Emotional Balance (Blessed Herbal)


January 23, 2022 – January 29, 2022 

We end January the same way we began it, with a train of beneficial aspects that you should definitely take advantage of. 

We begin the week on Tuesday with an extremely positive aspect featuring the Sun and Jupiter (Sun sextile Jupiter). The Sun sextile Jupiter is considered a lucky aspect, because you can see opportunities that will likely pay off, and you can quickly take advantage of them. You will likely succeed at anything you focus on.

Towards the middle of the week, Venus moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. Venus in Pisces is excellent if you need to repair relationships because you will be more empathetic to your partner's needs and more malleable toward reaching a compromise. However, avoid putting your partners on a pedestal, or you may be disappointed when they act human. 

Finally, this weekend, the Sun forms a trine to Mars. Sun trine Mars is filled with energy. If you have activities that require rigorous activity, this is the time to do it. This is also the perfect time for new beginnings and starting new projects. 

Recommended Jupiter (Astro Magic), Love Me (Aunt Jacki), Everything and then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo)


Meet Storm at For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology, and Kabbalistic studies creates an experience he calls Transformational Astrology. A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars. Meet Patty Shaw at

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