• Motor City Hoo Doo Spiritual Cleansing Oil

A heavy sage and cedar blend. Clear off old energies overwhelming emotions and free yourself from hangers-on. Some general uses for this product: Use in your laundry, add to your floor wash, put some in your shoes, or a diffuser. For your altar or to anoint objects. 10 ml dropper bottle. Blends are skin safe. Not for internal use. Sold individually. Shake before use.

Motor City Hoo Doo Spiritual Cleansing Oil

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Tags: Scales of Justice, oils, magic, essential oils, spiritual growth, folk magic, witch, blessing, hope, healing, affirmation, intention, spell, coventry, jacki smith, patty shaw, wholesale, justice, libra, fairness, legal, law, help, truth, hoodoo, hoo, doo, conjure, rootwork

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