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  • Witches Union Patches Bundle

Collect all 12 Witches Union embroidered patches in one click!

- Magical Adept Membership patch: 2.75" diameter embroidered patch. Members of the Witches Union who choose to wear their adept series of patches do so with the following committments; Will be true to themselves and inkeeping with their soul's purpose, Will be a champion of magical living, will use magic to better their life and the lives of those around them, will be the keeper of the sacred lyrics of Stevie Nicks, will adknowledge other Witches Union members upon discovery, will watch every witchy movie available.

- Crown of Success patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. When you see this patch, don't mess with that witch! You know a Witches Union member proud enough to wear their Crown of Success patch has the confidence to meet any challenge and will broker no magical shenanegins. "I am fierce. I am badass. I have all the magic I need to make my spells manifest and all the widom I need to know the correct action. My words and deeds are in alignment to make all my wishes come true."

- Divine Guidance patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. The compass is a symbol that states; no matter how far you journey, the divine will always guide you home. Any magical adept knows life is nothing but a grand journey and divine guidance will never steer you wrong. Any Witches Union member who wears this patch is in tune with their spirit and know they travel true. "By North, South, East and West, the Divine guides my journey."

- Healing Magic patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. Any Witches Union memeber would be proud to show off their magical mastery of the healing arts with this Healing Magic patch. Show off your skill and add a little magical sparkle by making this patch the center of a powerful health spell. "In body, mind and spirit I am healthy. All ills and distruction to my energy is eased and I am relieved of all stress and pain. My body continues it's gentle journey to health and I am blessed."

- Hive Magic patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. The symbol fo the bee is one of community, organization and fertility. Magaical adepts know that it takes two people to make any spell manifest and if you run it through your spheres of influence it manifests even faster. Witches who band together for a common goal become a gale force of magical change. Wear your Hive Magic patch as a signal that you are part of those winds. "Alone, I can go fast. Together, we can go far."

- Protection Invocation patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. This is a symbol of a powerful magic wielder. A witch who is adept at protection knows how to strike fast and strike hard. There is no room for fluffy in protection magic and there is no room for doubt. Don't start none, won't be none...but, I got some if you try. " With the Dark Goddess I protect me and mine from all harm."

- Evil Eye patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. Evil Eye magic is global and is one of the only protection magics that is powerful in the negative. When you say evil eye, you know you are invoking protection from all ill intent. The hamsa dates back to ancient Middle East and North Africa and is a recognized fold magic protection from the Evil Eye. When the Evil Eye and Hamsa are combined, it is called the Hand of God and is ultimate protection.

- Love Magic patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. Love magic is what brings many to magic. This patch helps you lock down the love that you have and protect it from sabotage. Love magic may begin with attraction, but the adept knows that love is an unending source and when they tap into it, all love becomes divine, healing and enduring. Mastery of love magic is when you are the source of love in your life and it is reflect back to you.

- Meditation patched: 2" diameter embroidered patch. Meditation is the adept’s way of finding the stillness that allows their higher self to communicate and guide them. Meditation and mindfulness is as simple as a slow breath to collect one’s energy and can be as intense as hours of still sitting. Whatever your level of meditation, it is good and you become adept with your first mindful breath.

- Money Magic patch: 2" diameter embroidered patch. Money is on everyone's mind; wanting it, getting it and keeping it. Doing magic around prosperity is often the first successful spell that convinces the caster that magic is real and they can do it. Adepts start with manifesting it and then move inot healing the issues that keep them from being abundant in every area of their life. They know money is only the bridge to building the life they desire. Tap into your money magic with this patch and the included Money spell.

- Psychic patch: 2" embroidered patch. We are all psychic to some degree. It starts with you gut feeling and then your practice moves into your intuition and eventually into knowing. The adept knows this may be a thought, sound, image or emotion and it’s your natural talent that will determine it. No matter your starting level, your gift awaits your attention and practice.

- Witch's Familiar patch: 2" embroidered patch. A witch’s familiar is grounding, energizing, protecting and comforting. This shows us that all pets are magical in their own way. A magical adept knows that a familiar is their magical partner and brings a unique essence and depth to their magic. Wear this patch proudly if your pet brings a unique magic and love to your life.

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Witches Union Patches Bundle

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