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Welcome Spring, Welcome Rebirth!!!

Welcome Spring!!!

March 2017 Feature

New beginnings, the start of the gardening cycle, longer days, shorter nights, and warmer weather is the perfect time to bring out Coventry Creations World Magic Candles. Be sure to fill your magical toolbox with:


Limited Edition World Magic Greenman and Brigid Candles

$22.00 each


These candles scream SPRING! The Greenman candle has the earthy scent of Amber Musk and Cedarwood which ignites your personal purpose and inner strength. The Brigid candle is a beautiful Citronella and Lavender scent which is healing and calls forth the your inner queen. As quick as spring passes us by, these Limited Edition candles will sell out. While you are ordering, make sure to grab your other favorite world candles while they are on special.


World Magic Products

15% off

Candles: $18.70 (regular price $22.00)

Oils: $8.50 (regular price $10.00)

**Not including the Limited Edition Candles**


Use coupon code MAR17

“Living a Prosperous Life” is the theme for March. We invite you to open your eyes to just how abundant your life could be if you only thought about it a little differently! See prosperity in all the forms it takes. Are there new opportunities you hadn’t considered, can your hobbies be turned into income, and have you sharpened your bartering skills? These are all ways you can take charge of your money and be more prosperous that you ever thought you could. Don’t leave money on the table of your life!

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