• Why Our Candles Work

    The reason why we say Coventry is “Where Magic Happens” is because we use magic freely and often in our creative processes. We set up a sacred space to work in, choose our ingredients purposefully and pull in the energy of the stars, planets and moon by making our candles during the most beneficial astrological times. Magic makes us think that things happen without any effort on our part—but that is Disney magic, not magic of the real world.
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  • More Than a Job

    “Yin and yang” is how the Coventry staff describes Jacki & Patty’s working relationship. These two powerful women are as different as two sisters can be; where Jacki is extroverted, Patty is introverted. Where Patty is cautious to change, Jacki will run in headfirst and see what happens; where Jacki is filled with bursts of inspiration, Patty reads the deeper, more secret level of the people around her. Together, with their wit and witticisms, they are an amazing team that that is fun, funny and easy to laugh....
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  • Hand Made

    For Coventry, this is not just a gimmick but part of the recipe. We watch the lunar progression through the celestial bodies of the zodiac and schedule our candle production accordingly. Why do we do that, you ask? It’s because the moon influences our planet so intimately it can affect the outcome of our day-to-day lives. We harness that energy and use it for good in our Blessed Herbal candles, Affirmations, and Blessing Kits....
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  • What Makes a Candle
  • At the Factory
  • Coventry History
  • Where Magic Happens
Paraffin vs. Soy
A Blend of Oils

Picture this: the staff at Coventry crowded around the karaoke machine, belting out Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.” It all happened at Coventry’s 20th Anniversary party. Of course, in true Coventry form, we changed the lyrics to “We Are Coventry”! Although not every day is a party at Coventry, we do live by our core values and let them drive us and create a joyful working environment.

Tenacity Runs in the Family

Twenty years ago and before anyone even knew what the law of attraction was about, a smart and spunky 24-year-old quit her day job and started a company that revolutionized the way we approach personal success. Jacki Smith’s method was unconventional, but she knew her way really worked.

Where Magic Happens is a big claim and a big vision to fill. At Coventry we see magic as the moment when you move past your limiting challenge into the healing that manifests the life you desire. Magic is our passion, and we live that passion in every candle, message and fragrance we create.

DIY Akashic Wisdom


DIY Akashic Wisdom—Access the Library of Your Soul

Are you ready to change your world? Or even just a part of it? In Jacki & Patty’s new book DIY Akashic Wisdom they show you how to make those changes by stepping into your Akashic Records and fixing your challenges at their root. Today is the day you can get started on an amazing personal journey into your own Akashic Records. Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw are your willing guides as your navigate the records of your soul.

Get your copy of DIY Akashic Wisdom today on Coventry Creations or join your local retailer on Nov 9th for our Indy Store Book Launch where you receive an Akashic Records Starter Kit of a mediation CD and candle with purchase. Visit www.diyakashicwisdom.com for our growing list of participating stores or Click here for participating stores

“We are so excited to be welcoming our new book, DIY Akashic Wisdom, into the world. We are double excited to put this knowledge into your capable hands. The Akashic Records have brought to much healing, insight, evolution, growth and joy into your lives are we are honored to share it with all who are looking to deepen their spiritual experience. When you travel with us, you need only a drop of courage and a curiosity to look past the expected and into the infinite possibilities that the Akasha offers us.” Click here for participating stores

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Coventry Magic Oracle

coventry-magic-oracleWe have a candle for that...

Our Coventry Magic Oracle answers questions and creates a magical spell for you all in the turn of the cards.

Follow the link to our online Coventry Magic Oracle and tap into Coventry wisdom.


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